Summary: They say it takes a village to raise a child but I now know it takes a church to send a mission team to that village for that child. There are many unseen acts of self sacrifice that have been carried out by so many of you that some of us will not learn

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To God Be the Glory

1 Corinthians - Chapter 12:14-27

Everyone has there place and there is a place and purpose for everyone in the church.

My wife and I had our kitchen remodeled and it was completely gutted and made new. She carefully chose everything that went into it. She alone wanted to paint it. She bought all new appliances for it. She bought new pots and pans for me to cook with since I do most of the cooking.

After all this she then began the painstaking task of organizing the cupboards and drawers. That meant that plates and bowls and tableware, spoons, forks etc would go into specific places. That meant that groceries would go into specific cupboards etc, etc.

She spent hours making these decisions and she did all the work herself and then took time to show my daughter and I just where everything was and where it should go.

My daughter and I began to discuss the new and improved kitchen and we agreed that my wife Fran must have failed to see the mistakes she made with the new arrangements concerning the cupboards.

While my wife was at work I set about changing the kitchen that she had already organized. I managed to move the contents of several cupboards from one place to another. I finished about four of them when she pulled up in the driveway.

She had a long day at work and was tired. She looked at what I had done and immediately voiced her displeasure. I looked to my daughter for support but she chickened out on me and just hung her head to hide her smile.

My wife made a few comments about how much work she had put into the project and how much thought she had given each decision and then turned and left in the car.

I realized my error and set about putting things back in the cupboards to the best of my memory. My wife returned home about an hour and a half later having washed the car and having spent some time and money shopping for some new clothing for herself.

I made no effort at a defense I just admitted my guilt and my error and begged for mercy. The next day I had two new screen doors put on the house which she has been after me to do for at least ten years and I waxed her car.

This unfortunate yet comical episode reminded me that each of us has a specific place and purpose in Gods church. Everything in that kitchen needed to be in its place for its unique purpose.

For the last 18 months we as a church have been working to put a team into the mission field in Zambia, Africa with Kids Alive International. The result is that we have a team ready and willing to go and we have met all the financial needs necessary to get them to their destination. This accomplishment was a result of the whole church working together for the glory of God.

Some of you went in and out of ditches in the mud and snow to retrieve bottles and cans in order to return them for the deposit money to help fund the team. Some of you dug into your personal finances to make a gift towards the team’s expenses. Many of you cooked, baked and did dishes, or ate a meal at a fund-raising dinner. Many of you emptied your basements and garages to donate all kinds of things for yard sales.

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