Summary: Jesus heals the blind man to teach the great need of healing spiritual blindness

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It Took a Miracle:


John 9:1-41

Throughout his Gospel John used the symbolism of blindness to reveal man’s greatest need: Salavation. John used not only the contrasting symbols of Blindness and Sight to reveal man’s condition apart from Christ and united with Christ, but he also used the symbols of Darkness and Light, and Night and Day to illustrate the same thought. Each are found in the passage this morning.

Jesus Christ was always concerned about man’s physical needs, but even more concerned about man’s spiritual needs.


A. Only Jesus can give light to the Physically Blind

Blindness is simply the inability to see. In the physical sense, blindness is the inability of your eye to create a visible image of an object and relay that image to the brain. Physical blindness is a terrible malady. To be robbed of the opportunity to see the face of a precious loved one, or not have the opportunity to witness the softness of a sunrise or the magnificance of a painted sunset; or to never be able to view the way of a mother hen with her chicks must be a terrible thing. To be born blind would only compound the tragedy as one would never have the images stored within the files of their mind. Yet many face this delimma each and every day.

Yet, as tragic as physical blindness must seem, Spiritual blindness is even more devasting with eternal effects.

B. Only Jesus can give light to the Spiritually Blind

As stated earlier, blindness is the inability to see. But in a spiritual sense blindness is the inability to see(or to understand) the things of God.

Spiritual Blindness inhibits one from nderstanding....

1) the Person of God

His Eternality (He never has had a beginning or an ending)

His Power (to create the universe from nothing)

His Holiness

His Sovereignty

His Love

2) the Position of Man

In relationship with the Creation

In relationship with Others

In relationship with God

3) the Plan of Salvation

But one may ask, “How does one become spiritually blind?”

Since football season is right around the corner let me try to explain it this way. I once heard a story about a young football player who finally was going to be able to start his first game at offensive tackle. Even with all the excitement surrounding his first starting assignment deep inside he was scared to death. He was nervous about carrying out his blocking assignments, but what even compounded his nervousness was that he was to play across the line from the biggest, baddest defensive lineman in the conference. Well game day finally came and nervously he ran onto to the field. The very first play his fears became reality when that big bad monster came across the line of scrimmage and hit him like he had never been hit before. When he came to his senses he jumped up and began running to the bench screaming “I’m blind, I’m blind. Somebody help me, I’m blind.” About that time his coach caught him, grabbed him by the face mask of his helmet and said “Son, you’re not blind. He just hit you so hard that he turned your helmet around.”

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