Summary: Time is the most inportant asset we have, we can spend it or invest it.

To Spend or TO Invest

Opening Hymn Scripture Reading : Matt 6:33

Closing Hymn

The Elusive

The rich man in his castle

The poor man at his gate

They all wanted one thing

But for them, it was far too late

The Lawyer in his chambers

The Maiden in her room

Both sought the same gift each time

But alas it was nigh pass noon.

The prime minister in his parliament

The pauper in her home

Thought forever they could keep it

But in an instance, it was gone!

Time is not like money,

Which can be stored each day.

As it comes to you, my friend

Use it right away!!

By Sylvester Fergusson

Have you ever been to the sea and watch sailing boats as their glide over the water. I remember watching such sailing boats at Brandon’s Beach and wondering how come each boat could go in a different direction. After all the wind was only blowing in one. It was only after some years that I realized that it was all in the set of the sail. Those who were able to set the sail appropriately got the most out of the prevailing wind and it took them furthest. The set of the sail can also cause you to go way off the course and it takes much time to return.

So it is with us. The wind of time is constantly blowing. The way we set our sails will determine what use we make of these winds, where we are going, how fast we get there and our final destination.

So often I have heard the saying “Time is money.” This proverb has been heard so often that it is probably ingrained in each of our psyche as a truism. I had unconsciously believed it until I came into the house of the LORD. There is something about knowing God that gives you a fresh perspective on time. When I examined this phrase I realized that it was really saying - the ultimate goal of time is to gain money. Thus a monetary value is placed on time. Have you ever wondered why one may pay $80 to a doctor for 15 minutes attention while a maid gets $20 for the whole day? In fact there is a system in place where the time of each profession is valued. Time is the foundation for all that we do. This is the set of the world’s sails and it can only lead to destruction.

It is a mistake to seek to value time using money and place the value of one man’s time above another. A millionaire on his dying bed can no more buy an ounce of time than a pauper on his own. Each man’s time would have run out and off he must go.

Time is man’s greatest asset and the true currency of life. How you use it will determine your destiny: You can spend it or you can invest it.

Moses of old came to this realization and made a decision that would change the course of history: God was looking for a man, a man who would invest his time in God’s work. God found that man in Moses. Thus Hebrews 11:24-26 tells us:

24By faith Moses, when he was come to years, refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter; 25Choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season; 26Esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt: for he had respect unto the recompence of the reward.

The scripture says that Moses when he was come to years refused to be called the Son of Pharaoh. There comes a point in each of our lives when we must make a decision whether we will spend our time or invest it. What will we be pursuing in the years ahead? What will be our goals and what do we want to achieve in life?

Moses had his options. He had come to a decision making age; A time when he was in charge of his destiny. What road will he take? His mother had taught him well about the history of the Hebrew slaves and the promise of deliverance that God had given them. Moses could see that the years of deliverance was nigh because four hundred years of slavery were almost upon them.

On the other hand the house of Pharaoh had also trained him well. He was versed in the history of the Egyptians and had knowledge of their science and technology. He was a prince and was trained as a prince, in the house of Pharaoh. He had a tremendous future under ahead. There was much that he could accomplish and acquire. He could certainly live a life of comfort. He could have at his disposal the latest technology that money could afford, but he chose rather to suffer affliction with the children of God. Moses chose to invest his time rather spend it. For over 40 years Moses toiled on God’s behalf, never complaining always faithful. (Num. 12:7) He proved true the saying by Wendell Phillips when he said:

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