Summary: We need to be stirred up by remembering some precious truths!


II Peter 1:9


As we walk down life’s highway as Christians, sometimes we get a little weary and foot-sore. We sometimes become complacent with the way things are. Whatever the case is, from time to time, we need to be stirred up!

Now the Lord can do one of several things to stir us up: removal (Deuteronomy 32:11), rebuke (Proverbs 51:1), or reminding (II Timothy 1:6; II Peter 1:16; 3:1). God can remove things from our lives to get our focus back on us. God can rebuke us to get us back on course. God likes to remind us of His goodness and grace—that should stir up anyone!

Let’s get stirred up by remembering:

I. Our Salvation

A. Its Reality (v. 1-2)

1. We can know that we are saved!

2. Knowing you are saved brings three things into your life!

3. Righteousness—we are now made righteous in Him (II Corinthians 5:21)—freedom from the penalty of sin.

4. Grace—freely given to us (Ephesians 2:8-10)—freedom from the power or sin.

5. Peace—that passeth understanding—freedom from the pain of sin.

B. Its Riches (v. 3-4)

1. Present Possessions (v. 3)

a. By His power we can now live eternally (life).

b. By His power we can now live Holy (Godliness; virtue).

c. By His power we can now live abundantly (glory).

2. Precious Promises (v. 4)

a. Partakers of the divine nature!

b. Delivered from this world’s corruption!

C. Its Progress (v. 5-7)

1. Virtue

2. Knowledge

3. Temperance

4. Patience

5. Godliness

6. Brotherly Kindness

7. Charity

· Just like a musical scale has 7 notes then repeats another octave—the progress of salvation is in cycles.

· You go through these steps and arrive at a higher plane of Christianity than ever!

· We spiral upward, but slide straight down!

II. Our Surety (v. 8-11)

· Salvation is based on belief.

· Surety is based on behaviour.

· As we continue progressing in our Christian life,

A. We will bear spiritual fruit (v. 8; John 15).

B. We will avoid spiritual forgetfulness (v. 9).

C. We will remain spiritually faithful (v. 10).

III. Our Saviour (v. 16-18).

A. The Glorious Sight (v. 16)

¨ Peter was present at the transfiguration and saw Jesus transfigured.

¨ James and John were with him.

B. The Glorious Sound (v. 17-18)

¨ They actually heard the voice of God from Heaven!

¨ They heard God give His Son full approval in everything He said and did!

¨ "Hear ye him!"

IV. The Scriptures (v. 19-21)

A. Their Importance (v. 19)

1. They are sure words (v. 19a).

· It is more sure than memory!

· It is more sure than experience—God wrote it down on paper!

a. Sure in its preservation—textus receptus!

b. Sure in its translation—KJV!

2. They are shining words (v. 19b; Psalm 119:105)

a. It lights the way out of the darkness.

b. It leads the way to the Daystar (Revelation 22:16)!

B. Their Interpretation (v. 20)

1. No single verse in the Bible should be interpreted without comparing it to what the rest of the Bible teaches!

2. Be careful in your devotions about misinterpreting some Scripture and applying it in a wrong way!

3. Any text, taken out of context, becomes a pretext, and therefore is no text at all!

C. Their Inspiration (v. 21; II Timothy 3:16)

1. It did not originate in the human soul.

2. It flowed from the Holy Spirit!

3. Holy men were filled with the Holy Spirit!


Thank God for our salvation, our surety, our Saviour, and the Scriptures. We have many gifts that this world knows nothing about! So why go drooping around from day to day, when you have so many wonderful things both now and coming to you in the future!

Cheer up, ye saints of God

There’s nothing to worry about (oh no!)

Nothing to make you feel afraid

Nothing to make you doubt

Remember, Jesus never fails

So why not trust Him and shout

You’ll be sorry you worried at all

Tomorrow morning!

Let’s get stirred up about the things of God!

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