3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: In God’s highest graduate school courses, suffering is always the lesson.We learn through suffering not resignation nor patience, but rejoicing in tribulation. see beyond.



By Wade Martin Hughes, Sr.

In God’s highest graduate school courses, suffering is always the lesson.We learn through suffering not resignation nor patience, but rejoicing in tribulation.

When we are tired we must press on!

ROMANS 8:37 Nay, in all things we are MORE than conquerors through Him that loved us.

Galatains 6:9 And let us not grow weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, IF WE FAINT NOT!

1. I ramble again, please forgive me.

May God give you strength today, strength to try again, and then try again after that.

I know life’s twist go many different ways than we had planned, yet we can’t always see the plan

while we are tripping in the dark over things we didn’t know was there.

I have been praying for you, and thanking God for you and your work, I think I will write and let my pen just flow. May I encourage you toady!

2. Last night, near the end of our service an A/G pastor slipped in the back of the church.

We talked briefly, and he asked to go in my office. We sat down and I was broken.

I didn’t know, he had resigned his church effective end of July. He was burdened and could not

share his load with any one, we cried and prayed. Everyone but Linda was gone, when we came out.

So many peoples dreams are broken. Hope is gone? The pain is real? Who waters those that water?

3. I was remembering the past, I like to visit on Memory Lane, and the strange curves life has thrown.

You know, I was raised in the Church of God and would still be CoG, I never left the church it left me.

I was raised Church of God, and they closed the church down where we attend and put the building up

for sale. So one Sunday, with broken hearts we visited the next closest pentecostal church.

I ponder about the first time we went to Middlesboro Faith A/G. Our oldest son, Marty was a few months old.

While our son was in the nursery, David E’s little boy crawled into the bed with Marty and took a bite out of

Marty’s cheek. There was blood all over, after service we went back and everyone was whispering, we knew

something was wrong.

They had ice on our little sons face. The place was terrible, bruised and cut, it looked like a terrible scar would mark our son. Pastor Ralph Tennyson apologized, and asked would we come back to church and try it again?


The enemy did not want us to return to that church, because there was a plan for a new direction in our family.

We did return the next Sunday, because Pastor Ralph came that week to our house to check on Marty,

so we attended again.

What a strange twist? But I couldn’t see? I couldn’t see God? I couldn’t see the enemy?

But somehow God lead us, and we followed.

4. I think about friends, new and old friends, that have made a difference in our hearts?

Where are all the friends today? They have helped in many ways, where are they now?

David and Debbie and their son that bit our son 27 years ago? David died in the early 80’s, a gun and a sad story?

I ponder about Debbie and those kids?

I ponder about many of our friends from down through the past, and I know many have finished

their race down here.

I guess we can forget, but today we are building memories of tomorrow?

5. Today I walked through the grave yard, heart broken? Seems, I couldn’t even cry? I went to see the grave of the young man I watched executed.

I couldn’t find his grave? I don’t know what I was searching? What was I expecting to find? There was a storm blowing into our area? But I was reaching inside to find something? Comfort? Purpose? I don’t know?

6. In our last few services we have opened praying for pastors and churches. I have enevelopes that I randomly

placed the names of some pastors of little places. Each service we do one envelope.

In Kentucky we have about 175 churches, 69 average under 50.

Years of work and under 50 people? My heart needs to touch these? How? I can’t?

We have been writing pastor’s names on little pieces of paper and handing them out for prayer as we open

service. At prayer, we had a visitor last night, he had taken the slip of paper with Winchester and Pastor Herman G. name on it. I mentioned Herman’s knee replacement thing, and how he needed prayer, the visitor man that had Herman’s name spoke up, and said this is very odd, I have Herman’s name, he said I have two knee replacements and I know the pain and the heart of Herman and I don’t know him. The man pledge to pray several days for this Pastor!

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