Summary: This series of teachings is to help us focus on God’s promises as we face challenges on the way to our destination in life.


We started last week by looking at the different seasons and eras of life namely Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. We noticed that today is the tomorrow spoken of by our yesterday. Every man somehow will pass through these important seasons. To enter into your tomorrow you must take a step out of your yesterday and be stable in your today. Don’t hang the picture of your past on the walls of your heart.

… NOW therefore arise. Josh.1: 2

We considered also the time element as it affects our future destiny. We are creatures of time and every detail of our lives associates with and responds to it. The Preacher puts it succinctly, “To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven” Ecc. 3: 1.

There is a “Now” assignment for you and until you do it with all your might you will keep on marking time. The tomorrow needs a substantial input of today. The resources of today must not be squandered on issues that will have no bearing on tomorrow. “Moses my servant is dead now therefore arise …”

Wasting energy and strength on past mistakes cannot leave any resources that can approve our tomorrow. Today is the only asset that can bring an immeasurable profit to our tomorrow.

“… THEREFORE arise …”

There is a closure to your yesterday. Bemoaning it will deplete the necessary energy to move forward.

“… ARISE …”

Get up from where you are. Don’t settle for the average. You have not arrived yet. The horizon before you is loaded with yet-to-be-tapped opportunities. Hitherto you have been at best the servant of another. Now there is the prospect of God taking you to the top. Arise and shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you” Is. 60: 1. Forget your past failures. Delete the files of your past hurts. Disconnect from your past disappointments.

A new beginning is unfolding in your marriage, in your business, in your career.

Are you sick? Arise and be healed.

Are you poor? Arise and prosper.

Are you barren? Arise and be fruitful.

Are you lonely, unmarried? Arise and be favored.

It’s time that your status should change. You have been low, down, tied and glued to immobility in life. God, by His uttered command, is putting strength in you today. Get up. Change position. Be up and running. You are not designed for the floor. You are to be on top. Close the chapter of frustration. Erase the memory of past failures. It is time to arise. There is a joy ahead of you. Enter into it in Jesus’ Name.

You must need to know that it’s only on the platform of your faith in Christ that you receive and live in the benefits of God’s promises. In case you have not done so, you need to ask the Lord Jesus into your heart today. Just simply but heartily invite Him to live in you and be your Savior and Lord today. You would forever be glad you did.


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