Summary: As N.T. Christians, are we still under the O.T. Law? This message examines that topic.

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2 Chronicles 34:18-21

INTRO: We hear a lot of discussion today as to whether we are still under the law of Moses. We have some people who say that we are still under the Law, while others say we are no longer under the Law because Christ did away with the Law and established His own.

What does the Bible say about this issue? That’s what we intend to discover.


A. The Law Books discovered during the reign of Josiah.

1. The Book of Law had been misplaced in the Temple.

a. It had been carelessly mislaid.

b. Possibly thrown into a corner as some Christians treat the

Bible today.

2. God protected His Word.

a. If He hadn’t protected it, we would not have the Word to


b. This is an indication of His interest in His Word.

c. More interest than we show.

d. His Word is as relevant for us today as it was back in

Josiah’s time.

3. When Josiah was informed about the book of Law, he didn’t lay

it up on the shelf like we do some ancient manuscript. He put

it to use!

a. Those who put their Bibles to use are to ones who treasure

them the most. We don’t treasure the Bible by putting it

away someplace safe.

b. We need the kind of respect for God’s Word, as they had.


A. Why don’t people today accept the Bible as being the final


1. The common knowledge of the Scriptures.

a. People have heard the Bible so much they think it is


b. It is still relevant, even though we are totally familiar

with what the Bible has to say.

2. The Bible is our only true guide for conducting our lives.

3. Most of our civil laws today are based on Biblical references.

4. Jesus came to fulfill the Law (Matt. 5:17).

B. The Bible will be the judge of men, not men the judge of the


1. We have somehow turned around our role concerning the Bible.

2. We criticize the Word of God instead of letting the Word con

vict us.

CONC: While it is true that we are under grace, and not bound by the Law as were the Jews, we are still obligated to obey the Law. The Law is to be our pattern for our conduct. We are saved by grace, but we are obedient through the Law.

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