Summary: A clear outline introducing the power of united prayer to truly change the "unchangeable". Part 2 is in full text form


Pastor Eric J. Hanson

May 4, 2008

Biblical Basis

1. Acts 1:14 reveals that the Church was birthed in a continuing prayer meeting.

a. They knew that they didn’t know what was what.

b. They prayed until the breakthrough came.

2. Acts 4:29-31 reveals that they prayed once more and called upon the Lord for His Spirit to be the mighty one among them.

a. Threats were met with warfare prayer.

b. Godly boldness, signs, and wonders are weapons of this warfare.

c. II Corinthians 10: 3-5 explains this more.

3. Praying together creates an authority level that releases much more of God’s power into situations than praying alone does.

a. Matthew 18:19 introduces the power principle of agreement in prayer.

b. John 17: 20-23 elaborates on the essential nature of agreement for the sake of the lost becoming believers.

Historical Results

4. The Second Great Awakening in the United States

a. Lunch time prayer meetings in New York City

b. Soon it was covered in the newspapers as many thousands participated each day.

c. Results spread to upstate, even to Kentucky and Tennessee

d. Great Men of God/ much reform and many benefits

5. Brooklyn Tabernacle Church

a. Declining church about 40 years old when the Cymbalas took it over.

b. They got nowhere at all for a year.

c. Extraordinary prayer launched in desperation.

d. The rest is history.

6. Resistencia Argentina

a. Dominated by Drug Trade and Drug Lords

b. Murder Capital of South America

c. Featured in Time Magazine as a totally hopeless place

d. Pastors began to pray together out of desperation, eventually 50,000 at joint prayer meeting filled the soccer stadium.

e. The rest is history, as threats and one more murder were swept aside by a tide of revival which totally transformed the city.

Today’s Timeless & Important Challenge

7. How about the task given to us?

a. God spoke to Elders back in 1990s

b. History of churches in this region

c. Entrenched spirits continue to oppose this church’s mission

d. Extraordinary prayer is needed.

e. Set aside self interest to pray beyond felt needs in the Lord’s love and power.

f. Respond with a rock ribbed commitment…

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