Summary: Unity in Christ

Together we stand

Text: Galatians 3:28 for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

When I was so graciously offered this opportunity the last time to Glorify God, he edified us with “ Team Work “ We need each other, we determined that we couldn’t function in our purpose otherwise.

That the strong should bear with the weak, our failures are not who we are, but we are sensitive to our failures, and sense God is with us who can be against us.

This Brethren is our position in Christ our identity not our present condition.

Being aware of our position is a challenge to us to be a knowledgeable believer, who knows where the Bible ends and Philosophy begins, and who knows where sound doctrine ends and questionable teaching begin.

When we stand together doctrine from our head to our heart will not be so uncomfortable and when Christ extracts from us at a time of war what we promise him at a time of peace we will stand together.

This togetherness only becomes a reality when we experience it until then it is only a theory.

In this new relationship to Christ we are all one, there is no race priviledge like the Jews had over the Gentiles. He belongs to all who except him male, female, black, white, sick, lonely, the drug addict across town, those in bondage to the world, all humanity that accepts him.

We are all unified into one entity, under renovation, tested, proved, refined for utilization.

This speaks of the ressurection power given to Christ’s Body.

Being aware of your idenity and position in Christ is a provision you’ve been provided with by the great provider.

Now because of the exesitential maculantly, irrefutable, indwelling of the Holy Spirit we are to be affectionately desirous of him and reach out with a mental effort to be filled by him and TOGETHER WE WILL STAND 6/22/05

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