Summary: God gives us all sorts of sign’s in the Bible, this uses road signs to help us along.

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  Study Tools

You will need print out of the following types of road signs:

- Construction sign

- Double arrow sign - showing an arrow to the left and right.

- Stop sign

- Yield sign

- Dead End sign

- Detour sign

- Upcoming crossing sign (looks like a cross)

- Road narrows sign

- Upcoming curve sign (curve to right or left)

- Do Not Enter sign

- "Share The Road" sign

- No Hitchhiking sign

- “One Way” sign

- "Only" sign (has word "Only" and a straight arrow)

- Rest Area sign

Note: All signs can be found online, just type "Road Signs" and submit on your search engine.

This was originally intended as a children’s sermon, but I believe that the adults had the most fun with it.

Tom’s "Road Sign" Bible

Read Scripture - Luke 12:54-56 (I used NRSV)

In today’s Scripture we see how Jesus describes humans as being able to interpret certain signs. Like when we see dark clouds roll in we figure that it is going to (Let group answer - rain). Right, rain. What Jesus does not understand is how we can be shown so many signs by God (through the Bible) yet not know where our bad/inappropriate actions are leading us. It’s like He wants to knock on our foreheads and ask, "Is anyone in there?"

To help us along, I have used some signs that we should know. Traffic/Road signs, we use them everyday and I think they can help us. Yes, you are in for a real treat. I will now share, "Tom’s Road Sign Bible".

(Show "construction" sign)

The Bible starts with construction. God created the world and he created humankind. He created us in His image and wants us to know that He is our Creator.

But when He created us, He gave us free will. which means it’s up to us to decide which...(hold up "double arrow" sign and allow group to answer "direction"). That’s right, which direction we want to go.

But as the Bible shows, when left up to humankind and not given direction, we always seemed to go down the wrong path. So God provided commandments and rules to follow so that we would...(hold up "stop" sign, let group answer)...yes, stop sinning.

We needed to stop sinning and (hold up "yield" sign, let group answer)...right, yield to His will.

And if we didn’t we would end up at a...(hold up "Dead End" sign, let group answer)...Dead End.

But even going in a wrong direction, God gave us a...(hold up "Detour" sign, let group answer)...Detour.

And this detour led directly to the...(hold up cross sign, let group answer)...right, the Cross.

But the Bible teaches us that not everyone will chose this detour and that it is a...(hold up "Road Narrows" sign, let group answer)...narrow road.

We must also remember that if we choose this road that we are not promised a simple life. We still may encounter many...(hold up "curve" sign, let group answer)...curves, right.

But if we listen to Jesus, He will make sure that we...(hold up "Do Not Enter" sign, let group answer)...don’t go where we are not supposed to.

We also learn that we need to help others to find and travel this road. So we need to learn to…(hold up “Share the Road” sign)…that’s right, share the road by sharing our faith.

This does not mean however that we should jump on someone’s back and allow them to carry us down the road. We must develop our own faith in Jesus because on this road there is no…(hold up “No Hitchhiking” sign, let group answer)…hitchhiking.

If we stay on this road, we will discover that Jesus it the…(hold up the “One Way” sign, let group answer)…Yes, He is the One Way.

The…(hold up “Only” sign, let group answer)…right, the only way that leads to our final…(hold up “Rest Area” sign)…rest area, that is our Father’s kingdom. Praise God

Now, I recommend that everyone still read the Bible, so that they can fill in some of the holes themselves.

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Rev Calvin Berry

commented on Jul 28, 2008

Good message

Walter Rehberg

commented on Sep 13, 2008

Very clever and effective.

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