Summary: Christians are too fast to get hurt feelings and then allow their hurt to cost them their souls.

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Matthew 15:21-28


A. In every community with the church, scores of unfaithful members. Make survey, shocked large number unfaithfulness due to hurt feelings.

1. Some have gone into complete apostasy

2. Others attend services but no longer active

B. No doubt they feel justified in their actions, little or no guilt.

1. Warped way of thinking that God accept us as are

2. Refuse to worship the loving Father, because of an unkind brother or sister?

3. Would we write off our Dad, because brother or sister sinned?

4. We need thick-skin & soft-hearts! (NOT thin-skin & hard-hearts!)

C. We all have things which we are too sensitive about, need to lay down our “right to be offended” Would any of us have passed the tests Jesus gave this woman?

1. Silence – Vs. 23

A. Excellent opportunity for feelings to be hurt/offended!

1. Urgent cry of a grieving heart

2. Mother distraught over daughter’s condition

3. Begs for mercy, but met with silence!

B. If it had been me, I might have reacted in anger!! “You act like a Pharisee


C. Was she a woman without feelings?

1. Her daughter was in danger, concerned with girl’s issue than her feelings.

2. Needed something, knew Jesus was only one who could provide!

D. Souls in danger, need great, Jesus is the only answer!

1. John 10:9; 14:6; 6:66-68

2. How foolish to allow wounded feelings to close door on eternal life!

2. Rejection – Vs. 23

A. Disciples statement hurt to center of her being

1. Even though daughter severe affliction, treated as nuisance, pest, burden

2. Received no response from Jesus, now this cold hearted, uncaring response from disciples.

3. Determined not to let anything stand in way; let them rob her of her blessing

B. What if you came to assembly, someone said, “Wish stop coming services; embarrassment; source of irritation.”

1. Stumble over selves trying to get to the door!

2. Keep Facebook lit up for a week!

3. Most likely carry those hurt feelings rest of life, and carry them into a Christ-less eternity! Proverbs 19:11; Ephesians 4:32!

3. Exclusiveness – Vs. 24

A. Came begging for blessing, only to be told that the blessings of God were NOT for her

1. Get feelings hurt and run home?

2. Verse 25, not only stayed, BUT WORSHIPPED!!!

B. How many of us would have worshipped under circumstances?

1. Even stayed, much less worshipped!?!?!

2. More important to obey gospel. And serve God or run home with hurt feelings

3. Ananias in Acts 8:13-15

4. Scorn – Vs. 26

A. Used popular feeling/ prejudice of day as final test/example.

1. Take belong to Jews, give to a Gentile dog?

2. Woman’s response – Vs. 27; result – Vs. 28

B. What would you do if a preacher or Elder called you a dog?

1. That’d just about do it for many of us!

2. 2 Corinthians 11:23-28; Romans 12:1-3 – Paul receive grace? From God, & other Christians! Have you received grace? From God & other Christians!! We judge others by actions, and ourselves by intentions!

3. Hebrews 11:32-38


A. Faith or feelings? Quitter because feelings hurt?

B. Allow wounded feelings to rob you of eternal life?

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