Summary: In this message we take a look at heaven and this will give us a ’before vacation’attitude about life.




Have you ever been so excited about something that was going to happen that it just made your entire day? This past thursday Leila was excited about something.

I went by her school to pick her this past thursday at 12:30, when they called her teacher Ms Warren on the intercom - "Mrs Warren please send Leila to the office" I heard loudly in the back ground, "I’m going on a plane trip..."

You see, Laurie and Leila were flying down to Tampa that day.

And you talked about being wound tight, Leila was wound. When we pulled into the drive way she was ready to go. But I told her we have to get your mom and eat lunch.

She even was excited about her lunch even though it was not her favorite spag o’s with hotdogs. She kept singing and bouncing around even more than usual.

On the way to the airport - and rides for a 6 year old in the car are always long - but instead of hearing - "how much longer, are we almost there...." she said, "wow were here already that didn’t take long.."

She continued to sing and to bounce all the way to the airplane. It’s amazing what having something to look forward to does for the attitude of a child and how it changes how they view life at that particular moment..

And just wait till June 2nd.

And do you know what? We as adults are really the same way - we also have a before vacation attitude... Aren’t you in a better mood when you know that you going away? And Don’t you handle the things of life a little better at those times?

But the problem is we don’t always have a vacation to look forward too, do we? Therefore our attitude is not always that positive, things are not always that easy to handle and we are not always that cheerful as we live this life.

Sometimes there is not much joy seen in our eyes or heard in our voice.

For me/for you/for us to make it through this life with a bounce in our step - we need something to keep us going... we need something to look forward to... we need what Peter calls in his first letter, "a living hope..." We need a hope that can never perish, spoil or fade away.

And friends it is possible for us to have this kind of hope...and when we do it is absolutely powerful; For you see the words; "REJOICE IN THE LORD ALWAYS, I WILL SAY IT AGAIN. REJOICE!" were not written by a man whose life was going great, but rather by a man who was in prison, a man who had in his life been beaten, flogged, stoned and betrayed.

But Paul was not the first to use this power of a future hope to press on and endure in this life...

Listen to Hebrews 11:13,16

"All these people were still living by faith when they died. They did not receive the things promised they only saw and welcomed them from a distance...they were longing for a better country - a heavenly one. Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, for he has prepared a city for them..."

They were still living by faith - they didn’t have the things promised - but they could see them in the distance and they knew that someday these promises would be theirs, thye knew that soemday they would hold them in their hands.

Today, if you are a Christian I want to give you something to look forward too. I want to give you a "before vacation" attitude about your life, I want to re-kindle a new the fires of your hope. And today if you are not a Christian I pray that the hope that those who are in Christ have will move you to accept Christ in order that you to may be born again into a living hope....

Brother’s and sisters we are at this very moment Marching to Zion, beautiful beautiful Zion - we are marching upward to Zion the beautiful city of God. Do you bliove that? Realklly belive that? This world is not our home we are just passing through.

We are headed home - we are going to heaven - and let me tell you heaven is going to be a blast! It’s going to blow your mind. Float our boats and trip our triggers.

Today , I’d like to briefly share with you the top 10 reasons why I think heaven is going to be a blast.

These are not in any particular order....

Reason # 1 is because when we get to heaven:

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Michael Robertson

commented on May 3, 2008

Very good thoughts

Evan Adams

commented on Aug 31, 2008

Thanks for sharing a practical and meaningful message.

David Parks

commented on Nov 14, 2009

A new a very touching approach to the subject of heaven. Thanks so much

Christin Dayrit

commented on Jul 26, 2011

Great sermon ..... Heaven is a wonderful place ... Amen

Roy Duncan

commented on Apr 11, 2012

Thank you Lord.. for this message and the man you used to send it!

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