Summary: There will always be a difference in any person who has been touched by Jesus Christ.


Matt. 8:1-3

INTRO. No one has been touched by the hand of Jesus and ever been the same again! (ill.) - A little girl on the bus approached a grouchy, dirty, old woman. "Are you a gwanma? I got a gwanma. I wuv gwanmas." There was a change made in the old woman at the touch of a child’s hand.

No greater change can be made in a person than when Jesus touches him. The leper, "If thou wilt.." Note Jesus’ reply. (See also vs. 14-15)

1. The maniac of Gadara - lived in the tombs until Jesus came his way, touched him and left him clothed and in his right mind.

2. A cripple met Jesus, was touched and went on his way leaping and praising God.

3. The widow of Nain wept as she followed the coffin of her only son to the graveyard. The passed Jesus who touched the boy’s hand and restored his life.

Jesus is still touching and changing people even today when men are saying God is dead. God lives in the hearts and lives of all who are touched by the hand of the Master. When you are touched by Jesus things change.


A. The building of a new building. The digging and laying of the foundation.

B. So it is with a new spiritual life. Christ digs deep and lays the foundation in the very heart of a man.

1. Psalm 40:2-4

2. "For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ." (I Cor. 3:11)

3. Men build their lives on many things, political power, financial success, or whatever else they may think is most important. What is your foundation made of? You can find out by evaluating what is most important to you. What are you willing to sacrifice for? How many are willing to sacrifice their worship time so that they can go do something else? Your foundation may be made of many things but even concrete and steel will one day crumble and fall.

C. But when a man builds on the Lord Jesus Christ he builds for time and eternity.

1. Jesus’ parable of the two foundations. (Matt. 7:24-27)

2. The discovery a number of years ago by British engineers that the great rock of Gibraltar was crumbling and had to be braced with cement pillars.

3. "On Christ the solid rock I stand; all other ground is sinking sand."


A. When Jesus first touched Peter and John they were poor illiterate fishermen. Later the world would look at these men of God and we read, "They took note of them that they had been with Jesus."

B. The Apostle Paul was never the same man after Jesus touched him.

1. It is like the difference between the summer woods and the winter woods. From dry, dull and depressing to green, colorful and refreshing. Changed by the touch of spring. So the Master changes men.

2. Makes the drunkard stop drinking, sets the addict free from dope, turns the mean into the compassionate, gives hope to the hopeless.

C. The world will see the outward change because of the change that has taken place on the inside.

1. When you are sick on the inside people can tell it from the outside. And when the medicine has done its job people can see and they will say, "Well you look like you are feeling better."

2. When Jesus talked to some religious folk in His day He said, "Make the inside of the cup clean and the outside will be clean also."

3. When God saves, He makes changes on the inside that can be felt and seen from the outside. A preacher has to wear all kinds of labels if he preaches that Christ still expects His people to live holy lives.

D. The inside change is that you are given a different spirit. God said of Caleb, "He has a different spirit." A touch of the Master’s hand gives us a new spirit, a Christian spirit, a Holy Spirit.

1. Disgruntled church members - "I hate so-and-so." or "I’ll get even with them somehow."

2. This is hardly the Christian spirit. Gal. 5:19-26

3. Many think that if they live without stealing, drinking, cursing, gambling and such like that they are almost perfect. But this is an imitation faith and sooner or later it will show that it is not real. Are your actions motivated by your love for Christ? Why do you not drink, gamble, curse, etc. Why do you come to church? Why do you give? Why do you sing? If you do it for any other reason than your love and adoration for Jesus Christ then you are operating under false pretenses...You are being hypocritical.

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