Summary: Third part of a Christmas series. Christmas is not only about sing songs, it is making worhsip.

A Touch of Christmas, P3

Touching God through Praise

Luke 1: 46-55


Series Summary: even at a time that is as stress filled as Christmas,

• God wants to touch others THROUGH YOU, with His love and grace

• God has a Fresh Touch FOR YOU

• You can TOUCH GOD with your WORSHIP.


Lowell Ogden tells the story of a little boy who lived out in the country around the turn of the century. He had never seen a traveling circus, and one was coming to his town on Saturday. The lad asked his father for permission to go and his dad said that he could, providing his chores were done early. Saturday morning came. Chores finished, the little boy asked his father for some money so he could go to the circus. His dad reached down in his overalls and pulled out a dollar bill, the most money the boy had ever seen at one time. Off the little wide-eyed fellow went. As he approached the town, he saw people lining the streets. Peering through the line at one point, he got his first glimpse of the parade. There were animals in cages and marching bands. Finally, a clown was seen bringing up the rear of the parade. The little boy was so excited that when the clown passed, he reached in his pocket and handed him the precious dollar bill. Thinking he had seen the circus when he had only seen the parade, the little boy turned around and went home. The observation is made as to how sad it is that some people come to church like this little boy who went to the circus? They may come with the intent to worship God, but all they see is the parade – the parade of hymn singing, prayers, communion and preaching. They peer through their pews at all the activity and then turn to go home at 12:00 noon; thinking they have been to God’s house, but yet they missed the main event – a personal encounter with Jesus Christ (, "WORSHIP")

Christmas and music go hand in hand. Along with the presents, food family celebrations and church services, you cannot get away from the music.

I Googled “Christmas Songs” and came up with 80,300,000 sites. That’s a lot of music just for one season of the year.

I am sure that we all have our favorite Christmas songs. But if we only sing these songs at certain points of the church calendar, then we miss the point.

Christmas is not only making music, but it is giving worship. Worship is not just singing songs, it is having a personal encounter with the Lord

How many of you have ever had a surprise that knocked you off your feet? Last week, we learned how Zechariah was shocked by an angelic visitor.

During a once in a lifetime opportunity to serve in the temple, he has a once in a lifetime type of encounter. As he pours the incense over the hot coals, and the cloudy haze rises, he finds an unexpected visitor.

Surprise! It’s Gabriel!

While Zechariah is serving the Lord in the temple, he actually hears from Him.

And though that sounds like something that should be natural for a pastor, when it actually happens, he is shocked.

But he is not the only one to be surprised. His wife would also be shocked with the news Gabriel told him. For they were about to have a baby.

ILLUSTRATION: Slobodan and Lilliana expecting fifth child…4 have all grown and left for university

Elizabeth had to be a bit flabbergasted at the thought of being pregnant at her age.

Yes, she was finally going to have a son. Now, this was a bit on the weird side, because it wasn’t normal to have children at her age. But she is not the only one to be surprised.

She had a cousin, Mary, who also was getting some pretty shocking news.

Mary also received an angelic visitor with incredible news.

Mary is also visited by Gabriel who tells her that she is highly favored. And, as a result, she is going to have a son who is to be named, Jesus.

This son is going to possess the throne of David and reign over the house of Jacob forever. His kingdom will be an eternal kingdom.

Now that does sound like good news. She is going to become pregnant by the power of the Holy Spirit.

But here is the rub – she is engaged to be married to Joseph. She hasn’t been fooling around with him or anyone else. So, if she is going to be pregnant, this is not going to look too good.

How would you react to such news?

“Lord, this is rather inconvenient at this time.”

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