3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: A woman suffering from blood flow for twelve years; The doctors of HER time could NOT cure her illness; How she spent ALL her money searching for a cure; How meeting Jesus changed her life forever.

Mark 5:25-26: "In the crowd was a woman,who had been bleeding for twelve years.She had gone to many doctors,and they had done nothing,except cause her a lot of pain.She had paid them ALL the money she had.But instead of getting better,she got worse."

Here is a woman who was scarred for life.She was bleeding for TWELVE years.In the process she lost a LOT of blood,and with it,ALL of her strength,because life is in the blood.To make things worse,she spent ALL her money on medical treatment,but the doctors of HER time,could NOT heal her....the medical technology of her time was NOT so advanced then,as it is today.YET, the hunger and desire to live a normal and happy life ,was SO intense,that she spend ALL of her money,in the hope that SOMEWHERE,SOMEDAY, technology would advance to the point,where a cure for her illness would be found.

After TWELVE years of pain and suffering,with NO prospect in sight of a cure,and with NO money left to continue searching for a cure and a solution for her problem,she was finally FORCED to give up her dream of a normal life.I can imagine how frustrated,grieved, despaired,disappointed and heart broken she must have felt...ALL her money lost,and NOTHING to live for. She must have lost ALL faith in the doctors and wanted NOTHING to do with them after ALL the pain they've put her through.

After some time has passed,and the woman has accepted her

fate,somebody told her her about THIS doctor,who could heal the blind,the lame, the deaf, the dumb and EVEN wake the dead from the grave.At first she must have been VERY skeptic, because of the experiences she had with different doctors.NONE of them could heal her,and in the process she was impoverished.NEVERTHELESS, curiosity overpowered her to see THIS doctor whom EVERYBODY was talking about in community places.As she was getting CLOSER to the crowd,the urge to see THIS man,became stronger. Its as if SOMETHING was pulling her towards Him. However,when she finally got to the place where Jesus was,she was faced with yet ANOTHER problem....the vast crow that surrounded Him. How would she get to him?

ONCE more,like BEFORE,she was confronted with disappointment and despair.SUDDENLY she realized that THIS was HER moment of victory and healing...her moment of living a normal and HAPPY life.She told herself if THIS moment passed her by, this sacred moment with Jesus...her appointment with him,then ALL was lost for her.Just the though of this,gave her the extra strength to push through the resisting crowd...to push through the barriers.She believed if she could ONLY touch His garment,she would be healed.When she finally JUST managed to touch His garment,she was changed FOREVER,hallelujah!!Her life would NEVER,EVER, be the same AGAIN.

Are YOU burdened and troubled? Among ALL the nations and people of the world,Jesus knows your name. BEFORE you were born,he called you by the name. Do YOU need a life changing experience? You have an appointment with Him, just like the woman that was bleeding. Touching Jesus, is ALL that matters,and YOUR life would NEVER be the same again.

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