Summary: How we should respond to the attack upon America.

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INTRO: Discussion of events of past week and why bad things happen. Such as: creation corrupted, individual free will.

1. But no matter how bad things are or what happens God promises to bring good out of the bad for those who love the Lord and are the called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).

I. Troubling passage of Scripture which I believe has a message for America today. Ezekiel 26:2-14, 17-18

1. Discuss what happened to Tyre.

(1. Tyre was a financially powerful nation-city located upon an island off Lebanon.

1. Tyre was very populous and at the time of Jesus the population of Tyre may have been larger than Jerusalem.

2. Verse 2 - Tyre laughed at the people of God and their problems.

3. Verse 3 - As a result God would bring destruction upon Tyre.

Many nations would come against this city state.

4. Verse 4 and 9 - The walls of the city would be broken down as would the towers of defense.

5. Verse 5 - This eventually occurred in a literal way, however, Tyre has recovered some from its destruction in our time.

6. Verse 6 - “Daughter villages” speak of other cities which Tyre had established.

7. Verse 7 - Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon would attack Tyre. Babylon was not the ultimate method of destruction for Tyre which came several years later.

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II. How can we fail to see the symbolism here for us?

1. New York City is a financially powerful very populous city situated on an island.

2. As you think of the World Trade Center Towers which towered above everything else on Manhattan Island you see really a symbol of America.

(1. Those towers represented the strength, the financial power, the technological power of this country

1. and really of the free world with businesses from 25 countries having offices in the building.

3. The towers and the walls of the city of Tyre would be broken down. We have seen the towers of NYC and a symbol of this country and of the free world broken down.

4. Babylon attacked Tyre and in a frightening way those from the area of Babylon or from the Middle East have attacked us.

5. Babylon would attack the daughter villages of Tyre. The Babylonian terrorists have not only attacked us but the daughter villages of freedom and civilization all across this world.

(1. Discuss how some believe there are terrorist cells operating in at least 50 countries.

III. I believe God is giving us a powerful warning. America has turned away from God

(1. and as Anne Graham Lotz says her father Billy Graham told her after the attack that God has removed his hand of blessing from America.

1. Why? The majority of the people of this country give lip service to God. They laugh at the people of God. They shake their fist at God as Billy Graham puts it.

2. Discussion of how only a small percentage of those who call themselves Christians are actually disciples and living the life of a Christian.

IV. How should we respond personally to this attack? Discuss how the WTC Towers could be rebuild to withstand even the extreme heat of a jet fuel fire (ie Burning Bush Devotional: Strong Towers) but even those towers could be destroyed.

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