Summary: The man born blind was trapped in the fog from birth. Until the light of Christ illuminates us, we too are trapped in the fog from birth.

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“Trapped in the FOG”

Introduction: Today we are introduced to a man who’s name could very well be “Mr. Born Blind.” Born Blind is a strange mixture of words in the believer’s community. It’s a kind of oxymoron. We generally think of acquired sickness or sickness that results from sin generally or individually. But when sickness precedes or is concurrent to birth; it presents a philosophical enigma. It becomes a riddle that unravels our Christian belief system. This man; “Mr. Born Blind” presents such a problem. Here was a man who had an issue from birth. His blindness came before he knew who he was. He was blind before he could begin to actually live in sin. I guess it’s comparable to our being sinners at birth before there is any awareness. This man never saw the smiling faces of his parents. He never saw the roses and the orchards. He never saw God’s majestic paintings across the sky. He never saw family and friends. He lived with a hearing description of life. He lived at the times when there was no eye aid or blind guard dog. He was trapped in inexplicable FOG.

I. Born Blind Presents a Complex Problem. Acquired problems relate to man but birth problems relates to the Maker as well.

II. Mr. Born Blind was not the only blind person in the text:

• The Disciples were blind….They saw a Theological Problem not a Troubled Person.

• The Neighbors were blind…They saw a Blind Beggar not a Burdened Brother.

• The Pharisees were blind…They saw a Sabbatical Violation not Saving Virtue.

• The Jews were blind…They saw an Imposter not an Improvement.

• The Parents were blind…They saw a Seeing son not the Saving SON.

III. The Only seeing eyes in the text belong to Jesus. He saw a man born blind from birth. There are many that are born blind from birth all around us; do we see them?

IV. The Healing is Similar to the Salvation Process in at least four ways:

A. It was unprovoked by the recipient.

B. Used natural means to prevent excessive focus on the means / or to prevent the despising of the same means.

(Observe the means of the Miracle)

• Blind obedience

• Saliva

• Dirt

• Water

• Washing

C. Obedience of faith is pictured.

D. Only God could be glorified by the methods of this miracle.

V. The Religious folk could not deal with His new relationship to the Savior. (They put him out of the synagogue)

VI. A church (synagogue) castaway confesses and worships the Christ.

Conclusion: This man was trapped in the Fog. But the defogger came his way. If you’re in the FOG tonight; Jesus wants to bring you out. He is all that we need. To the Geologist, He is the Rock of Ages. To the Florist, He is the Lilly of the valley. To the doctor, He is the great physician. To the Astrologer, He is the bright and morning star. To the Anthropologist, He is the Son of Man. To the Theologian, He is the Son of God. To the sheep, He is the Shepherd. To the Shepherd, He is the Chief Shepherd. To the biologist, He is Life. To the Jeweler, He the Pearl of Great Price. To the journalist, He is Good news. To the Ambassador, He is the Desire of the Ages. To the Preacher, He is the Word. To the sick, He is the Healer. To the Dead, He is the Resurrection. To the sinner, He is the Savior. Jesus is great defogger is greater than the fog you’re trapped in. If you’re trapped in the fog of life; Jesus wants to usher you into the FOG of His blessings. He wants to fog up your mind. He wants to fog up your life. He wants to fog up your workplace. He wants to fog up your church with His FOG. (Favor of God) Psalms 119:58, Seek His FOG with all your heart.

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