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Summary: Why do we face trials? How are we to react to them and why?

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• Do you ever wonder why we face so many trials in life? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to coast through life problem and trial free? I think it would.

• Have you noticed that since you gave your life to Jesus, the trials of life have not stopped? What’s with that?

• I know some of you have been through some very difficult trials by fire, it was not easy. I know at the time it was not a fun time. What was your attitude while you were going through the trial?

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Romans 8:28(ESV) 28And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

• Did you doubt God’s promise in this verse? Did you feel angry, abandoned, cheated?

• How are we supposed to react towards trials by fire when they come? How is one as a Christian called to respond? Are trials just God messing with us or is there some higher purpose behind them?

• We are going to being an examination of what I believe is the most practical book in the bible, the book of James.

• James deals with things that hit us where we live I believe like no other New Testament writer does.

• James is dealing with people who are struggling with many things concerning their life and faith. As we study James together, you will get a lot of practical counsel as to how to deal with many of life’s challenges.

• Let’s begin our journey in James 1:2

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James 1:2(ESV) 2Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds,

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In order to endure a trial by fire we need to understand:

I. The attitude to possess in the midst of the trial.

• Sometimes we can think we have a wall around us that makes us impervious to trials by fire so when we discover that is not the case, we can easily fall into having a bad attitude.

• WE all know folks including ourselves who have gotten mad at God, or have even left God over a trial by fire.

• So, when we are facing a trial by fire how does God want us to react?

• SLIDE #5

A. Count it all joy.

• OH WOW! I’m done, this CRAZY! REALLY?

• I believe my reaction is biblical because my first reaction is to whine and cry out at God, doesn’t the bible encourage us to cry out AT God, err to God. 

• One of my reactions is to consider it some sort of punishment! Why me, it is not fair!

• Then for good measure I will add some awesome pouting before the Lord.

• Ok, maybe that is not the way to go. We are called to count it all joy when we face the trials by fire.

• The text indicates that the joy we are to have is to be sincere joy. We are not called to just put up a brave front and to just make the best of the situation.

• Remember joy is an inner peace that we experience because we have FULL FAITH in God, we KNOW He will deliver as promised, we can cling to Romans 8:28!

• But we need to understand something about this joy.

• SLIDE #6

B. Should we joyfully anticipate trials?

• The joy we have is not a joyful anticipation of upcoming trials. WE are not to get excited about them like we would the new Cowboys and Aliens movie.

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