3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: Psalm 3 was writtne by David during a very trying time both in His reign and in His family life. It was written during that time that his son Absalom revolted against Him. This was probably one of the hardest times in David’s personal and kingly life!

1. The Lord is our Shield (vs.3)

A. This was an important revelation in

David’s time when darts and arrows were

the common weapons used against.

B. It is still useful against the

fiery darts of the devil (Eph.6:16)

C. God’s people have always been the targets

of enemies.

D. No matter what, God is our shield:

1. Abraham’s shield (Gen 15:1)

2. David’s shield (3:3; 33:20; 84:11)

E. This shield is still our protection!

2. The Lord is our Sustainer (vs/ 4-5)

A. David cries out for help.

B. God’s many invitations to pray

1. “Call Unto me” (Jeremiah 33:3)

2. “Ask and it shall be given” (Mat.


3. “Believe that ye receive” (Mark


4. “Ask what ye will” (John 15:7)

C. This brought David such peace that he

slept. (vs. 5)

1. He slept in peace and woke up


2. The Lord sustained him in danger.

3. The Lord is our Strength (vs. 6)

A. “ I will not be afraid”

1. Consider the circumstances

2. The forces against him.

B. We must remember one plus God is the


C. As faith increases, fear decreases

because perfect love casts out fear. (I

John 4:18)

4. The Lord is our source of victory (vs. 7-8)

A. David sees his enemies overcome by God’s


B. Salvation is of the Lord.

1. Our salvation is also of the Lord

2. Salvation from our sins by Christ

blood. (Romans 5:6-9)

3. Victory during Stan’s attacks

Eph. 6:10-18)

C. We must remember that we can only find

victory in Jesus. (I Corinthians 15:57-58)


During troubles times, we can find rest in Christ alone! No matter what problems that we are going through, God is the only One who can shield, sustain, strengthen, and save us.

What are you trusting in to get you through your hard times? There is no peace outside of knowing Christ as our personal Saviour!

Christian, today, you must realize that nothing comes into your life that you can not handle! Everything is intended for our benefit and His glory. The greatest lessons of life are learned during the darkest of nights! No matter what look to Jesus and keep in the battle!

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