Summary: How intense are the troubles today that Jesus stated 2000 years ago and so, how serious should we heed His warnings?

We started our study of Mark Chapter 13 last week. We noted right off the bat that we humans can get so caught up with our own views that we forget God is in control. God has freely given us a life to live but we must never forget God’s view of the world we live in! I for one, have to keep myself reminded of this! We must live our lives according to God's plans and schedule.

Before we hone in on our passage this morning, let’s review again the outline of Mark 13, read along with me the bulletin insert…..

God dealt with our sins on the Cross of Jesus Christ but a Holy God must still deal with sinners who do not believe in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Open your Bibles now to Mark 13 and read along with me v3-13….

v3-4: The disciples asked Jesus for signs of the future to come.

Let us note that the disciples were told personally of God's schedule, but we today have God's plans and schedule in our hands! We have God's Word, the Bible, for a reason!

v5-12: Jesus gave many signs but also gave warnings!

Signs are like beginning of birth pains = many troubles in the world which leads to a final judgment by God!

World troubles before God’s final judgment:

a. False gods (claiming to be Messiah but only deceives)

b. Wars and rumors of wars

c. Earthquakes and famines

d. v9-11: persecution of Christians

e. v12: broken family relationships

Last week, I asked myself the question, when do birth pains starts? Birth pains actually starts with morning sickness very early in the pregnancy, right moms? Then what happens to the pain as a mom gets closer and closer to delivering a baby??

Now, There is no question that all these troubles in Mark 13 has happened in the past 2000 years after Jesus stated these prophecies. The question for us today is, how intense are these troubles happening today??

How many false gods do hear about today? in books? On TV or radio? On the Internet? Just for fun I googled last Wednesday “gods”… in 1 second, how many internet sites do you think popped up??

In 1 second, one can find 491 million information about gods in the internet!

All the troubles Jesus stated in Mark 13 are very intense today indicating the judgment of God will happen soon!! How serious should we be listening to Jesus’ warnings about these signs of troubles?

And so, what are the warnings of Jesus?

1. Watch out that no one deceives you (v5)! How do we do this in a practical way today??

Check everything with God’s Word!

2. Do not be alarmed (v7)! How do we do this in a practical way today??

Pray! Be filled with the Holy Spirit! Worship! Fellowship with other Believers!

3. V9-11 speaks of Christian persecution:

a. Be on your guard! How do we do this in a practical way today??

Know the rules but also Acts 5:29….

b. Depend on God the Holy Spirit! How do we do this in a practical way today??

Exercise daily the presence of the Holy Spirit living in us! We don’t think about this enough do we?

4. V13: Stand firm! How do we do this in a practical way today??

Put on the Full Armor of God!

We are living in amazing days but we have an amazing God! Take a moment to quietly ponder about these things and pray to recommit to the Lord and seek His help………..

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