Summary: Living out our faith is highly important in maintaing our relationship with Jesus Christ. Salvation is today and our faith in the Lord must be strong and steady!

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True Faith = Salvation

1 Peter 1:1–12

Introduction: Faith is powerful and it is what we are required to have in our Christian walk with Christ with the guidance of the Holy Ghost. We have faith in the fact that Christ was/is God Himself. This Scripture today shows us there are a few things we must have real faith in for our Christianity to be real and lasting. Let’s delve into these Scriptures and concentrate on three things this Scripture tells us we must have faith in as Christians…

I – Faith in God’s Power and Providence (Providence - the protective

care of God or of nature as a spiritual power.) (v.1-4)

A. God knew us and chose us long ago.

B. He makes us holy. (We obey Him and are cleansed by the blood

of Jesus. Peter says for being obedient may God give us more

and more grace and peace. It is through our obedience that we

prove to be followers of Christ and gain more grace and peace.

Belief and obedience are faith provers.)

C. God has given us a priceless inheritance. (God is to receive all of

our praise because oh his great mercy that we have been born

again. God raised Jesus from the dead. Peter says, now we live

with great expectation! I am expecting the coming of Christ and

I am expecting to inherit the Kingdom of God!)

II – Faith in God’s Protection (v.5-9)

A. Through our faith God is protecting us. (God protects by his

power until we receive salvation, which is ready to be revealed

on the last day for all to see!)

B. There is wonderful joy ahead. (Joy comes in the morning! It is

our promise!)

C. Genuine faith is like fire. (Trials show our faith is genuine. Our

faith is being tested in our trials just like fire tests and purifies

gold. Our faith is way more precious than gold. When our faith

is tested and we remain strong in our faith, we will receive glory

and honor on the day when Jesus is revealed to the whole


D. Trust in the unseen and the reward is great. (We love him even

though we haven’t seen him. Even though we don’t see him, we

trust him. We rejoice with inexpressible joy and the reward for

trusting him will be salvation for our souls!)

III – Faith in God’s Salvation (v.10-12)

A. Even the prophets wanted to know more about salvation. (They

realized that His salvation was so graciously prepared for us

because we did nothing to deserve it. They couldn’t quite grasp


B. They wondered about the time and situation. (They couldn’t

understand how God told them in advance about Christ’s

suffering and his great glory afterward. They couldn’t fathom

how His beginning and ending would be so different. Coming to

suffer and die, but reigning in Glory forever and taking us there

with Him.)

C. The prophets messages and the good news preaching is for us!

(The Good News has been announced to us by those who

preached in the power of the Holy Spirit sent from heaven.

Even the angels are eagerly watching these things happen

because these things are SO wonderful!!!)

So have…

Slide: Faith in God’s Power and Providence

Slide: Faith in God’s Protection (and…)

Slide: Faith in God’s Salvation


Last Slide: True Faith = Salvation!!!

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