Summary: This sermon deals with why be generous and the results of being generous. All of us have been blessed by the generosity of others.

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February 17, 2008 Jay Davis Robison Philippians 4:12-20

Today talking about True Generosity, word Generosity means

marked by abundance or ample proportions above & beyond

All of us have benefited from generosity of others many in church

Natural for us to be this way

Name was Ott Elliott during Great Depression said if God sees me

through this if ever have $$ will give to God for God’s use

Ott created foundation for scholarships I got 1 4 yrs never met him

1st ministerial job I had FBC Leichfield Gary and Suzy Garrrett,

invited me to live in their home for no rent, while working

When Micki and I married Becky and Buzzy, budgeted blessing $$

Used blessing $$ to buy plane ticket for sister-in-law for wedding

Ladies from church did reception for us free

When became pastor in Paris lived in Louisville Jean Stewart ,

Said I’ve got bed but no board, stay with me

Jeremy on the way Teresa single lady in church made crib set

Phil 4:12-20 gives us an example of True Generosity look at it

1. REASONS FOR being generous

Why is it that people are generous in the first place?

Struggle in US to be generous, because we are nation of

Discontentment and consumer driven have so much want more


Generosity is not giving out of obligation or from guilt

It comes from the heart, so vs 12 TNIV Paul talks about heart

I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.

Generosity comes as identify with the need of another,

Give yourself Show interest, and then get involved

Matthew 10:8 Freely you have received freely give

Generosity is a response of loving obedience

Luke 6:38 Give and it shall be given unto you

Can’t afford to be generous Americans feel they’re just making it,

39% households making $50,000 yr say cannot afford all they need!

33% households at $100,000 a yr say cannot afford all they need!

27% households at $100,000+ yr say cannot afford all they need.

Nearly 20% of these say they "spend nearly all their income

on the basic necessities of life." being generous would be a stretch

Generous is a heart condition, Poet said

It’s not what you do w\the million if fortune should ere be your lot,

but what are you doing at present w\the dollar & quarter you got.

Are you open to being generous to giving at all, sharing time or $$?


Look for who you can bless

In this day and time we are bombarded with requests to give

And if you give once then get all the more

Address labels, magazines, letters, nobody ever has enough

Are excellent causes out there,

good stewardship involves keeping your eyes open find best needs

If you don’t check out the need that’s not generosity its STUPIDITY

The Youth Development Fund & A Child’s Dream, grant wishes

of sick & dying kids, run by Rick Bowen from his Knoxville home

2006 raised $3 million but just over $102,000, 3 cents of every $

went directly to grant dreams for 52 children and their families,

Bowen paid himself salary and benefits of $174,000

$2.5 million went for fundraising expenses, mostly to pay for-profit

call center that solicited donors nationwide.

Most Christians see qualifying gift is important part of generosity.

Not ashamed to tell you TBC worthy of your gifts, generosity

Bible teaches us to bring tithes into God’s storehouse

Reality is, it costs money to do things to invest in people’s lives.

To help families, do MOW, reach out, $$ to work with youth,

children, RALI, singles,Internationals, Men.

It costs money to have a building as tool gas bill almost 3K

God’s plan to pay for these things is found sitting in these pews. Only Christians give to pay for spreading message of Jesus.

Always when you see a need easier to be generous

5 years ago yesterday ice storm hit and we were generous

Opened our doors, as many as 72 feed over 100

Did not call the insurance company or poll the deacons

Saw a need and did it, never missed a meal, worked hard

God supplied what we needed everyday

Focusing on God’s Spirit, realizing God wishes to work through us.

Surrounded by needs in the community concerned about AIDS

Sufferers in Lexington no Bapt church doing anything substantive

What ideas do you have? How do we need to plug in generously

Being generous WILL COST YOU

This is why we are not generous

We have other things to do with the $$ or the time we may give

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