Summary: True Love is Expressed at #1 The Appropriate Time with #2 The Right Person by #3 The Uniting of One Flesh.


• What is love?

• The word love has got to be one of the hardest words ever to define.

• We talk about love and sing about love but really and truly what is love?

• As hard as it is to define though, we know love when we see it.

• Much like the fact that we cannot see the wind or know what it looks like, we know it exists because we see its effects.

• We recognize love when it is expressed.

• Many in our society today would say that love is nothing more than the physical intimacy that is shared between a man and a woman.(make love)

• Is this truly all there is to love?

• Love is much more than just physical intimacy.

• Love is expressed through the commitments that we make and keep.

• Love is expressed through our thoughts and words for one another.

• Love truly is expressed for one another because of what we think and feel for one another in our deepest parts; our heart.

• It may be a hard word to truly define, but we know love when it is expressed.

• Likewise, we know what hatred is when it is expressed as well.

• As we have followed the song of this groom and bride we have seen true love’s joy in the love that they have for one another.

• We have seen their desire for each other grow but even so we have seen them not give into to sexual temptation for each other; we have seen where true love waits.

• Today, we will see where true love is expressed between this groom and bride during their wedding and wedding night.

• True Love is Expressed at #1 The Appropriate Time with #2 The Right Person by #3 The Uniting of One Flesh.

• Prayer

#1 The Appropriate Time

Song of Songs 3:6-11

• So far in Song of Songs, we have seen twice now where the woman has challenged the chorus of Jerusalem girls to “not stir up or awaken love until the appropriate time.” (2:7 & 3:5)

• Here in 3:6-11 one can see that the appropriate time has arrived.

• In verse 6, the chorus of Jerusalem girls, sitting with the bride to be, ask the question “What is this?”

• What we see here in this section of scripture is a picture of the wedding processional where the groom has come for his bride (Matt 25:1-13)

• It is quite an awe inspiring picture that the girls give here as well: coming from the wilderness, like columns of smoke, scented (as if they can smell it), Surrounded by 60 warriors.

• This is a very dramatic picture of the groom arriving for his bride and ready to begin the wedding.

• Remember, this book is very symbolic and it should not be taken literally that this is actually King Solomon however it is a picture of how every bride should feel about their groom.

• The groom’s arrival is nothing short of impressive as if he truly was King Solomon.

• He also brings here protection and strength with him; the bride can rest securely in the one that will truly watch after her.

• In verse 9-10 we see the wonderful picture of the palanquin that the groom arrived in to begin their wedding festivities.

• Twice now, we have seen this groom and bride resist the sexual temptations that they have had for one another. (First of all while they were engaged in an embrace in 2:6 and also as they spoke through the window in 2:8-17)

• This, being their wedding day, was the appropriate time to enjoy each other in a sexual manner.

• This was not just the appropriate time in ancient Israel but it is still the appropriate time today!

• Even though our world calls this belief outdated, God’s plan is for people to still only enjoy each other sexually within the confines of marriage.

• The message of our world today is very much the opposite of God’s plan.

• Today, people are not only encouraged to have sex with anyone or anything at any time, but it is celebrated in every aspect of life.

• People who save themselves for marriage today are made fun of and ridiculed; Must be something wrong with them if still a virgin.

• God’s original plan is still in effect today; that has not changed.

• As Christians, we are to only express true love at the appropriate time.

#2 The Right Person

Song of Songs 4:1-15

• Somewhere in between the end of chapter 3 and the beginning of chapter 4 the marriage of this man and woman takes place.

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