Summary: The groom's true love for his bride was expressed by him #1 Deepening His Love For Her #2 Making Her Feel Special and #3 Adoring Her.


• Have you recently heard about this story?

• Jim Golay, a Wyoming man who died in 2014 from a brain tumor, has kept Valentine's Day special for his wife -- even in death.

• Shelly Golay, of Casper, Wyoming, received a bouquet of roses at her office two days before Valentine's Day.

• She initially thought her children had sent them but after contacting the flower shop, she learned that her late husband, Jim, who died from brain cancer, had arranged before his death last year for flowers to be sent to her every Valentine's Day until the day she dies.

• The card read: “Happy Valentine’s Day Honey. Stay Strong! Yours forever. Love Jim.”

• The family called the florist and they confirmed that Jim had set it up last February. He had set up for her to have Valentine’s Day flowers for the rest of my life,”

• Golay said “I just started bawling. I couldn’t believe it.”

• Shelly says the gesture shows that when it comes to her late husband's love, there are no boundaries, even in death.

• How great of a story is that?

• Even in death, this man loved his wife so much that he was willing to go to the trouble & expense to remind his wife annually how much he loved her.

• The story of Jim Golay is a modern example of a husband going above and beyond to show his wife that he loves her.

• Last week we looked at True Love for Him in Song of Songs 5:2-6:3.

• We saw that the bride's true love for her husband was expressed through #1 Her Sacrifice, #2 Her Adoration and #3 Her Commitment.

• Today we turn our attention away from the Bride's love for her Husband and look at the Husband's love for his Bride.

• In examining his true love for his bride, we will see where husbands today can express true love for their wife as well.

• Today we will see that the groom's true love for his bride was expressed by him #1 Deepening His Love For Her #2 Making Her Feel Special and #3 Adoring Her.

• Prayer

#1 Deepen Your Love For Her

Song of Songs 6:4-9

• When you look at this portion of scripture, you might think that it looks familiar - That is because some of it is a repeat of 4:1-5.

• It's not that the man can not come up with any more original thoughts, but the repetition is used to prove a point.

• By using repetition, he is reaffirming his love for her; in fact, it is not just reaffirming his love, but it shows that his love for her has deepened.

• We have seen in Song of Songs where the man had a desire to be with his bride sexually, Now that they have united their marriage through sexual union, he states that his desire and admiration for her has not diminished but has in fact deepened.

• We see in v4 where the bride is compared to the cities of Tirzah and Jerusalem. - Tirzah one of the capitals of NK, Jerusalem SK - beautiful, awe inspiring and can not be taken by force.

• The groom has spoken frequently about his brides eyes in 1:15, 4:1 and in 4:9 he states "You have captured my heart w/your eyes" - It's as if he is saying "I am so excited by the beauty of your eyes that I can not take it.

• The cities in verse 1 remind us of him comparing her to the tower of David; Also we have just seen where he has mentioned the eyes a lot.

• v5b is a repetition of 4:1c; v6 is a repetition of 4:2 and v7 is a repetition of 4:3b. - Remember, not a literal description, but he is describing his bride as a beautiful and desirable woman.

• Here in chapter 6:8-9, he again repeats an idea that he has previously stated about his bride - utterly beyond compare (Song of Songs 2:2)

• The groom is saying that his bride is better and stands out and above 60 queens, 80 concubines and an unlimited amount of young women.

• In his eyes and in his heart he only sees one woman: his wife.

• How many men today could start to deepen their love for their wife just by controlling their eyes and only looking at their wife?

• That means that you make a covenant with your eyes to not look upon another woman when she passes by.

• That means that you make a covenant with your eyes and a covenant with your heart to not desire any woman but your wife.

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