Summary: What is success? What does it mean to you this morning to live a successful life? If you asked 10 people you would most likely get 10 different answers.

“True Success”

John 3: 22-36

What is success? What does it mean to you this morning to live a successful life? If you asked 10 people you would most likely get 10 different answers. Success to some would mean financial security. They would say being successful means they no longer have to worry about money. Others would say that being a success means having being powerful rubbing elbows with the big wigs being thought of as a big wig. Some of you new mothers and fathers out there would say success is seeing that new baby grow into a fine man woman who you could be proud of. Some folks see success simply being better then any other at what ever they are doing. These type of folks are going to out work out play out whit anybody and everybody they can and when someone is better at something they either make excuses for why they lost out or where over shadowed or it just burns them up that some on is better it does not matter how small it is they do not like someone being better. My job as your pastor is to teach you through Gods word how to live a Godly life and how to die a good death.

Evangelists deal with salvation only but pastors get involved in the messy details of every day life. Fortunately for you and me I do not enter this pulpit to engage you about life and death based on my limited experience or my opinions you do not need my experience or opinion. I enter this pulpit with only one base to stand on with only on authoritative voice and that is the faultless word of God. It speaks to the messy details of human life.

It talks a great deal about what true success is.

Here in the Gospel of John Chapter 3:22-36 we see a picture of true success in the life of John the Baptist.

John had an amazing life and ministry he had seen thousands of people repent and take the baptism of repentance. He had preached through out the land a message of repentance “repent for the kingdom of God is at hand” He preached the coming of the lamb that would take away the sin of the world. He preached and prepared the way for Jesus He always lifted Jesus up. He even had the opportunity to baptize Jesus which was the start of Jesus public ministry.

But now in the Gospel here in chapter 3 we see Jesus ministry has began to flourish and John the baptize influence is being eclipsed by Jesus ministry. In verse 25 we read that a dispute rose up between John’s disciples and some of the Jews the Jews where saying that Johns ministry was not as important or his baptism was not a valid as Jesus ministry. John ministry was coming to an end and he no long looked as successful in the eyes of the world or even of his disciples yet it is here at the end of his ministry that he shows he is a true success. John ended his ministry well.

Have you ever noticed how easy It is to start something well but it hard to finish. Home repairs piano lessons diets

Many successful people have lost face because they did not know how to end well.


Business people



Story of big mig (Cycling Tour de France 5 time winner) did not win his last tour but finished like a champ

True Champion

Christians need to end well perseverance of the saints John was a champion a success because he ended even better then he began Jesus said of John that no better man had been born of Women then John.

John in this story in the twilight of his ministry and life. As the worldly trappings of success and influence are leaving him He gives us four secrets of a successful life.

1.True success in life begins by recognize that no success can happen with out Gods help

Look at verse 26-27

These folks come to John and say look all! Are going to Jesus as to say why are not as many come to you.

And John makes this profound statement A man can do nothing unless it be given from heaven.

Jesus repeatedly made this statement he did not act think or say anything except what the father gave.

John is saying my success has been because of God not me Jesus success is because of God Any thing you are good at in this life is a gift of God even faith is a gift lest anyone should boast

You are gifted by God with some talents some success but you can not take credit for them it is a gift of God

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