Summary: We must not equate an emotional experience with a spiritual experience-- True worship requires an adjustment of our hearts and lives to God's will.

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John 4:19-24

Today, there is a lot of discussion about what sort of worship is best. Should we use a strict, formal traditional liturgy (order of service) including traditional hymns? Should we use a contemporary style (contemporary music\high tech powerpoint slide shows, etc.) How about a blended service where we mix it all up? (what our church manages to do!)

In Jesus’ day there was a dispute going on. The difference of opinion over worship between the Jews and the Samaritans was over WHERE the worship was to be done. Jesus quickly pointed out that HOW the worship was to be done was a more important point. God is seeking people who are willing to worship him in Spirit and in truth. In his day (and ours, too) people were (and are) worshipping out of a sense of habit and obligation. Their hearts were not really in it.

Spiritual worship is more than emotional worship. (or ritual worship). Let’s be careful on this point.. Worship is not about how it makes YOU as the believer feel. The measure of spiritual worship is NOT how it tickles or touches the emotions. I’m not suggesting that we should never manifest emotions in worship—we just need to be cautious that we don’t mistake an emotional experience for a spiritual experience.

I believe that King Nebuchadnezzar had an emotional type worship experience following the experience of the fiery furnace. After seeing the Hebrews delivered in a spectacular, supernatural manner, he made an enthusiastic declaration about their God. He threatened great harm to those who even spoke against the Hebrew’s God. However, his life showed no change of direction. He continued in his paganism and idolatry. He responded emotionally to what he saw God do—not spiritually.

A spiritual response brings about a change. We will talk about this a bit further down in the sermon… For now, let’s recognize that a believer cannot continue in sin and claim to have had a spiritual worship experience, but a person can get caught up in emotional worship that doesn’t really require a change. In other words, worship may not be a feel-good experience and how we feel is not really going to be the best measurement of the quality of our worship experience.

Truthful worship is sincere worship. It is where we get real with God. We can become involved in emotional worship or ritual worship without really meaning it. We are just going through the motions. God expects us to really seek him, not to play church.

Exodus 3:1-10 & Isaiah 6:1-8

Let’s read these two passages and ten note some of the aspects of true worship we glean from them. We have the experience of Moses at the burning bush and Isaiah at the temple as examples of worship experiences. They have some similarities and some differences.

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