Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Trusting in the temporal externally, brings anxiety internally.

Story of value loss of market in 2008/09

When you read the Wall Street Journal or listened to MSNBC, the word you heard most often during that period was ‘panic.’ Now, let me ask you, why would there be panic? If my son got SHOT IN THE HEAD WITH A SPEAR (PIC), I could see panic. If my grandbaby was choking on a hotdog, I could see panic. If my wife was about to cook, I could see panic. But why would there be panic if the stockmarket went down, if the Eurozone collapsed, if your 401k lost 40% of its value?

Turn w/me to Matthew 6 We continue our series entitled ‘Foundations.’ As we study the Sermon on the Mount, we find that Jesus instructs us about how to fashion our lives in a way that our foundation is sure so that when the pressures of life and the winds of adversity come our way, we can not just survive, but thrive.

The last two weeks we learned that Jesus instructed us to include genuineness and authenticity in our lives. Because if we hold ourselves out to be Christ-followers but our lives don’t back it up, pressure and adversity will absolutely level us.

And this morning Jesus instructs us to add a 2nd element to our foundation: Trust. Let’s talk about trust for a bit. What is trust? TRUST: THE ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY THAT THE OBJECT OF TRUST IS ABSOLUTELY RELIABLE. We have on all our currency what phrase? (PIC OF BILL or coin with “In God We Trust” clearly seen; leave on screen)

Now look at that. Talk about a paradox: We say we trust in God, but in reality, we’d rather trust our money than our God. No one gets in a panic if they don’t have their time with God every morning; no one gets in a panic if they don’t memorize and digest God’s word; no one gets in a panic if they don’t worship with the congregation of God; no one gets in a panic if they don’t keep a prayer journal. But if the market goes down or if the 401k dips, or the social security benefits change, people get in a panic.

Now mark this as truth: WE CAN TRACE OUR FEARS TO WHAT WE VALUE; WE CAN TRACE WHAT WE VALUE TO WHAT WE TRUST IN. That’s what Jesus is talking about in this passage. He doesn’t want us to live a life of fear; He doesn’t want us to mis-spend our lives, so He instructs us about what to value and trust in. So let’s work through this passage together. MATTHEW 6:19-34

Jesus instructs us that:

1. WHAT WE TRUST IN HAS TIME VALUE 6:19-21 (on screen)

Growing up, my mom always put mothballs in drawers and closets to keep the moths from eating our clothing. We didn’t smell very good, but we looked great! Today you can have your closets lined with cedar which repels adult moths from laying eggs in your clothing. We have refrigerators and ziplock bags to keep worms and bugs from getting into our food. We have alarms in our houses that protect us and our belongings.

But in the ancient world, nothing was safe. Clothing could get eaten by moths. Food could get eaten by worms. Thieves could break into your home easily and steal your valuables.

Some things in life last longer than others, right? Some things have benefit for a short time and others have benefit over a long period of time.

(PICS OF GKIDS). As you look at that picture, what do you think I will cherish and gain benefit from for the rest of my life? Not the car. Not the clothes. But those faces. Those little girls—there’s a value that will last for the rest of my life.

This reality is why mature believers discover the time value of what is in their lives. Cars don’t last. Clothing doesn’t last. The thrill of shopping or playing video games doesn’t last. But people last. God’s word lasts. God’s kingdom lasts. Genuine Christ-followers have figured this out and store up treasures in heaven by investing in kingdom work.

I look around at the buildings you have invested in, the mission trips you have invested in, the ministries you have invested in, the staff you have invested in—all of these investments reveal that you get it: that everything in life has time value and that your trust is not in money or possessions, but in God.

2. WHAT WE TRUST IN HAS HEART VALUE 6:22-23 (on screen)

In Scripture, there is a direct correlation between the eye and the heart. You know this is true. Your eye picks up what your heart values, right? (PIC OF BOAT ON WATER WITH PEOPLE LAUGHING AND DRINKING). What does your eye pick up? Explain

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