Summary: Idolatry is not just bowing down or offering sacrifices to a false God. It is anything that takes your trust and or loyalty away from the true living God. Idolary is at oppostion and inconsittent with Jesus, Idolatry is participation with demons, Idolatr

Intro: When we think about Idol worship in America I would think that most people think of Native American Totem poles, Buddhists, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greeks and Romans.

Idolatry is not limited to simply bowing down before graven images, or burning incense or offering gifts to a physical image.

What is Idolatry

Dr. John MacArthur “It is having any false god – any object, idea, philosophy, habit, occupation, sport, or whatever that has one’s primary concern and loyalty or that to any degree decreases one’s trust in and Loyalty to God.

In Chapter 6 Paul told the Corinthians to run from wrong situations involving immorality. Here Paul once again says get your things and get. Paul in chapter 6 as well as here in chapter 10 used the present imperative.

n He is thus showing that the Christian cannot live in a habitual lifestyle of Idolatry.

n Paul didn’t simply say leave he said flee!!!

Don’t allow anything to come between you and your worship and service to the one true living God!!!!

Don’t stand around thinking that you are super Christian flee, flee, flee for you life.

In the words of Chuck Swindoll “Sometimes it’s best to stay away from something for the simple fact that being associated with it could lead you into trouble. As a “harmless” thought can lead to a heinous sin, so a “harmless” association can lead to spiritual disaster.”

Dr. John MacArthur “Because idolatry is worshiping something other than the true God in the true way, it is the most serious an contaminating of sins.”

When we worship other things we move ourselves away from the moral law of God and open the door for chaos to reign in our lives.

There is only one true God. That is Yahweh of the Old testament, revealed in Jesus Christ in the New Testament. He is a Jealous God and will not share His Glory or Worship with another!!! Ex 34.13

Romans 1.21, is a charge against all of mankind. God has revealed Himself through His creation, and ultimately through Jesus Christ. Yet the world of man continues to worship false God’s at pagan altars.

Dr John MacArthur talking about Job, “That describes a man who refuses the inclination to worship his material wealth. If you worship what you possess, if you center you life on yourself, your possessions, or even you needs you have denied God.”

That is the ultimate unforgivable sin, to deny God.

Why is important to learn about Idolatry? So that we don’t participate in it!

Let me borrow from Dr John MacArthur to show you the many ways we can participate in Idol worship

Worshiping any image is idolatry

Worshiping angels is idolatry (Col 2.18)

Worshiping demons is idolatry (Rev 9.20)

Worshiping dead men is idolatry (Psalm 106.28-29)

Supreme loyalty to anything other than God is idolatry

Covetousness is Idolatry (Eph 5.5, Col 3.5)

Inordinate desire, or lust, is idolatry (Phil 3.18-19)

Idolatry brings guilt on everyone involved (Ezek 44.10)

Idolatry is listed among the vilest sins of the flesh (Gal 5.19-21)

Idolatry not only is an offense against God it is harmful to man (

I. Idolatry is in opposition and inconsistent with Christ

A) Identification with Jesus Christ

1) With His death (blood)

a) Cup of wine or Juice shows we share in Christ’s death to old life, and lifestyle

b) Communing with God and fellow Christians

1) Only by Christ’s shed blood can we experience knowing God completely.

2) Taking part in the juice means taking part in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

2) With His life (bread)

a) Broken bread shows us that Christ shared His life with all that would receive His finished work on the cross. (1 Cor 10.16

b) One loaf shows the unity we have in identifying with Christ’s Power through the resurrection.

B) Paul’s Illustration of identification

1) Sacrifices in the Temple in OT

a) Sharers in all the altar had

b) Sharers with God and each other

2) Sharing in Idolatry leads to

a) Grieving God

b) Loosing Fellowship

II. Idolatry is participation with demons

A) Idols are not real

B) Idols do represent demons

a) Remember the many ways you can take part in Idolatry

b) Realize Satan is at the heart of anything that turns your heart from being completely loyal to and trusting in God.

C) Idolatry leads to involvement with Satan

a) No problem with wood, stone, habits, hang-ups etc.

b) Problem is with the destructive demonic forces behind them.

Chuck Swindoll “When you get too deeply entrenched (involved) in a certain sin, an idol is created. And once an idol is carved, Satan has gained a foothold in you life and can begin his takeover.”

c) We cannot have two masters

Jesus Matt 6.24 “you will love one and hate the other”

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