Summary: A short talk to a group of employment Plus students about Easter. Could be enough to shake some foundations.

Employment Plus Easter talk 2009

The DVD clip that I showed first was the Gospel of John from the NIV, it shows very well a depiction of the crucifixion and resurrection.

This follows on from the DVD.

":The description of the death and coming back to life of Jesus that you have just seen is from the memories of Jesus disciple John - he was the one in the clip called "the disciple Jesus loved."

You know what? Is this description true, and if it is true - so what? (pause)

I personally have no doubts about the truth of the story, that Jesus was indeed killed and that as per this Easter story he rose from the dead and continues to live.

And even for those of us who do believe this is true, so what?

Well if this is true then the rest of what the Bible tells us about him is probably true also, that he is the son of God.

That he is able to set us free to live a life that is different than it would be without him in it.

Jesus said "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life."

So what? (pause) Well the world would tell us that we are here today and gone tomorrow, that our worth is measured in money and possessions, by how clever we are or even where we live, or who our mates are, even which team you support. However God tells us our worth is enough for his son to die on our behalf!

Jesus died so that we could experience freedom, from our pasts and from what the world says we should be.

He died so that we are set free, to live free.

Think about it this way you are in a prison cell, the guard comes, unlocks and opens the door and says you are free to go. What sort of idiot would actually choose to stay in the cell? (pause)

Now think of that cell as all that stressful rubbish that holds us back from living life to its potential, the choices we make that separate us from God. This stuff is called sin.

The time has been served, the punishment for our choices has been taken, Jesus did this on the cross!

The sentence has been served. Jesus has unlocked and opened the door; he has invited us to step into freedom. Why would you choose to stay in the cell


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