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Truth Telling

Reading: Acts chapter 26 verses 19-29.


4 boys entered the classroom at school two hours late;

• And nervously, rather sheepishly;

• They told their teacher they were late due to a flat tire.

• The teacher knowing what rascals these 4 boys were decided to test their story;

• She wanted to know if they were telling the truth.

• She gave them each a piece of paper and a pencil;

• And sent them to four corners of the room.

• Then she asked them to answer just one question:

• Which tire was flat?


• Story of the little 4 year old girl called Sophie;

• Who despite several reprimands kept telling lies and spinning tall tales.

• So her mother decided to tell her the story of the boy who cried wolf;

• “He kept telling the villagers a wolf was about to attack, but there was no wolf at all”.

• Sophie’s mum explained.

• “Wasn’t he naughty?”

• Sophie replied very seriously; “Oh yes!”

• Sophie’s mum continued the story:

• “And then one day there really was a wolf,

• And he cried out but everyone thought he was lying and the wolf ate him up. Silly hey?”

• She looked down hopefully to see if Sophie had got the point;

• 4 year old Sophie was deep in thought;

• Then she replied; “I was eaten by a wolf once!”

Telling the truth:

• If you have ever been in a court of law;

• Maybe you were there as a victim, a witness or even as a defendant!

• But if you have been in a court and you were called to give evidence;

• Then you will have had to read certain words from a card.

• “I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth , and nothing but the truth…”

• They are usually sworn while holding a bible or other holy item.

Now whether we know it or not:

• Every Christian is on trial every day of their lives.

• We are in the biggest courtroom of all - the world around us.

• And the people of the world have a right to look at us and see Jesus!


• In San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.

• More than 2.5 million people a year visit the 4.2 acre complex;

• Known worldwide as "The Alamo."

• At one time it was a Catholic mission and fortress complex,

• Which became the site of the Battle of the Alamo in 1836

• Today the site has been turned into a museum.

• Near the main entrance into the Alamo museum on a wall,

• Is a portrait with the following inscription:

“James Butler Bonham—no picture of him exists. This portrait is of his nephew, Major James Bonham, deceased, who greatly resembled his uncle. It is placed here by the family that people may know the appearance of the man who died for freedom.”

• Every Christian is the image or should be the image of Jesus;

• To a world that does not know him!

• We see this idea illustrated for us in the life of the apostle Paul;

• As he stood before King Agrippa.

• He is in a pressure cooker situation;

• But notice how he remains faithful to God despite opposition!


• Let’s meet the main characters involved in this passage:

• There are three of them that we need to know.

(1). Festus, the Roman Governor.

• Festus is a typical high class Roman of his day.

• He is the ‘new kid on the block’.

• The Emperor Nero has made him Governor of Syria and Palestine;

• He has been brought in as a fixer.

• To try and clean up the mess his predecessor had left behind.

• His predecessor was a man called Felix – who made a number of bad decisions.


• Mainly the case of the apostle Paul.

• In Acts chapters 21 and 22 Paul goes to Jerusalem and causes a riot!

• Quote: Tony Campolo:

• “When Paul preached it was followed by a riot,

• When we preach it is followed by a cup of tea!”

• Paul had done nothing wrong;

• But because the Jewish people of that city did not like his message – they reacted badly!

• As a result Paul was put in prison.

• In Acts chapter 24, there is a trial;

• And Paul’s case is brought before the then Governor Felix.

• Felix finds Paul innocent but keeps him in custody;

• Hoping that Paul would offer him a bride to let him go.

• Paul would not do something like this;

• So Felix kept him in custody for two years – don’t miss that!

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