Summary: John 4:35

I. The REALITY : there IS a harvest Waiting to be gathered However, we can't reap what we don't plant. Are we planting seed??

II The RIPENESS : (Mt 9:37): "The Harvest is ripe ( i.e., gather it now or it will rot: that's what's happening to our society...rotting!!)

III. The REAPERS: (Mt 9:37): "the laborers are few" (There is a labor force shortage in the Church community...we all want to feast at God's table, but few want to work in His field.)

IV The RESULTS: ( Psalm 126:6) He who goes forth with weepling, scattering precious seed, will DOUBTLESS COME AGAIN REJOICING, bringing his Sheaves with Him.) Planting and cultivating is HARD WORK...BUT OH THE JOY WHEN THE HARVEST COMES!

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