Summary: Always consider the richness and power of God available from heaven!

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Please open your Bibles to the Gospel of Luke Chapter 9. If you recall, several weeks ago we talked about Luke 9:1-6. Jesus called and empowered His first Disciples to minister for the Kingdom of God. Today, we will talk about a famous miracle with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread. For now, we will hold off talking about v7-9 regarding King Herod and John the Baptist. We will tie in those verses with Luke 9:18-27 next week.

Before reading our passage this morning, let us pray together our commitment to God’s Word………

Read along with me Luke 9:10-17……….

This is another one of those stories important enough to be described in all 4 Gospels: Matthew 14, Mark 6:35-44, and John 6. The story in Matthew is similar to Luke. But let us take a look at Mark 6:35-44……….

And turn to John 6:5-6….

And so, yes we read a miracle but Jesus had another objective. What can we learn? Let us summarize the story.

1. Jesus continued to teach His Disciples even after they were empowered to minister. Remember the beginning of Luke 9? Then, Jesus called His disciples to be by themselves for a while. But, of course,

2. Jesus knew a crowd would follow and they would be hungry.

3. Jesus used the situation not only to perform a miracle but to teach a lesson. How can we say this??

a. God’s Word in John 6:6 tell us.

b. The disciples were still only focused on the physical!

The disciples were focused on food and shelter. Look at their answer again in v13…

And in the other Gospels we can note, the Disciples were tunnel-visioned with what the world offers. Those disciples didn’t even consider the richness and power of God available right in front of them! The disciples only saw the 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish and answered that it would be impossible to have enough money to buy food for the crowd. Could we be tunnel-visioned with only what the world offers in our lives?

c. Jesus challenged His disciples to feed the crowd. (Luke 9:13, Matt. 14:16, Mark 6:37, John 6:5)

Do you think Jesus really thought the disciples could feed the crowd??

What do you think Jesus desired to see the disciples do with the situation??

We’ll come back to this thought in our applications.

What else can we note from the story?

4. Jesus gave instructions which the disciples followed.

5. Jesus prayed! Was it just a prayer of thanks??

What else do you think Jesus prayed for??

6. Over 5000 men (plus likely another 5000 women and children) were fed to full satisfaction! Over 10000 people were fed to the full from 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread.

Now, look again at v17…..

Why do you think there were leftovers??

7. physical miracle happened with leftovers to prove it and to show His abundance!

You see, even today, some people will say that the people were only satisfied in their minds; that the people were so spiritually hypnotized that they thought they were full!

God’s miracles happen in flesh and blood! Jesus was teaching His disciples but we read in the other Gospels that Jesus had compassion for the needs of the people; Jesus healed them, taught them, and physically fed them!

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