Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Men in todays world walk around in darkness they need to see Gods light so they will change their ways.Then they can change our nation.

There are all types of light today we use to see in the dark yet there is only one light to help us see our lives and what needs to change.

A.The professor,s lamp Matt:25-3 Empty

1.No oil to burn his lamp

2.No wick in his lamp

3.Empty no fuel are flame

B.The possessor,s lamp Matt:25-4 Filled

(1)All ways burning

(2)Can see all around

(3)His path is open for all to see

C.The watchman,s Lamp Luke 12:35 Burning

(1)The word is a bright light seen for miles

(2)And eternal flame that can beseen by all

(3)A lighted path to Heaven

D.The walker,s Lamp Psa:66-105 The Word

(1) The bright light of the word seen by all

(2)And eternal flame thatwill never go out

(3)A lighted path to Heaven

E.The wicked,s lamp Prov: 13-9

(1) Has been put out

(2)Globed smoked /up wick burned up/ out of oil

(3)As belivers many times we let our lights go out

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