Summary: One of the definitions of the phrase ’turn upside down’ is to ’change completely’...what can we learn through these verses about how we can turn our world upside down?

’Turn Your World Upside Down’ pt.6 in the series, ’LESSONS FROM MACEDONIA’

Acts 17:1-9

One of definitions of the phrase ’turn upside down’ is to ’change completely’.What Paul and Silas were doing no doubt caused a stir,but they were on a mission to bring about change through Jesus Christ in the lives of those they ministered to.what can we learn through these verses and their example,about how we can turn our world upside down?

They had:


a.the House of God v1

b.the Word of God v2

c.the Son of God v3

There was:

2.Power was possessed was experienced was relied upon

There was:


a.they did things ’as usual’ v2

b.they did not give up

c.their message did not change

If these things be true:

a.You will draw some to the Lord v4

b.You will agitate and infuriate many v5

c.You will set the enemy(Satan)off v5

Some things to remember:

1.Do not seek to please the crowd...ever v7 ’contrary’

2.My response to opposition will set the tone.I must respond to opposition with:



3.Don’t hate the haters v5

4.Opposition positions you for victory v9 ’they let them go’

As our responses to difficulties and opposition go,unfortunately:

a.we get stuck

b.we get stubborn

c.we get satisfied

If we are serious about turning our world upside down,then we must be willing to:

a.change our response

b.change our routine

c.change our route(direction)



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