Summary: Our greatest discoveries come during the darkest times of our lives.

Scripture: Acts 16:23 – 26

Title: “Turning Point At Midnight”

Introduction: Most of the present-day Church would not believe this story. (Acts 16:6 – 7) Especially the unbelieving world. You might ask, why. This story tells about people being led by the Holy Spirit – God giving directions through visions – The Holy Spirit forbidding God’s ministers to preach the Gospel to people.

I. How Did Paul & Silas Get In This Predicament? (In Prison)

a. They had been led by the Holy Spirit and had OBEYED His leading.

b. They had PREACHED & TAUGHT the Word of God.

c. SUCCESS – Churches had began to GROW!

d. REAL MIRACLES had began to occur.

e. Paul had REBUKED a demon-possessed woman that followed them.

f. Paul put a stop to this HINDERANCE of the fortuneteller.

II. MIDNIGHT – v. 25

a. Here is Paul & Silas thrown in prison – Severely beaten with many stripes.

b. They are fastened securely in the stocks. (Humiliated)

c. What do you think was going through their minds? - “Where’s God” – Second guessing – “What Do We Do Now?”

d. TURNING POINT – “A New Day Is About To Dawn” - “Choices” v. 25 “They PRAYED & SANGED Praises to God. – People have DISCOVERED some great things during the DARKEST times of their life. – SUDDENLY – An EARTHQUAKE occurred: “ALL” the doors were opened – Bands were loosed – Freedom arrived.

e. REVIVAL breaks out – “We are “ALL” still here!” v. 28

III. THE PURPOSE – “What Must I Do To Be Saved?”

a. Everything Paul & Silas had gone through with had brought them to this PLACE of getting someone SAVED!

b. Just because we are going through TOUGH times doesn’t mean we are in the wrong. – Every person that gets saved is a person that Satan has lost.

c. Being a Christian doesn’t BEGIN & END only when we are at church services. (Christianity is a 24/7 way of life.)

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