Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: The third message in a series dealing with the pitfalls of sin.

21 Reasons Not To Sin Pt. 3

I. The Word Is Your Weapon

Praise the Lord!!!

How many in here have been enjoying this series?

I don’t know about you, but it has truly blessed me!

It has truly been a help meet to me!

And it also serves as a tool in our everyday battles

with the enemy.

See over the past few weeks we’ve covered so many

of the pitfalls that come from sin,

That the enemy doesn’t even want to try and bother

me. Amen?

You say well why is that Pastor?

It’s because he knows that He can’t contend with

the Word of God,

And over the last few weeks we’ve really gotten into

alot of scripture!

We’ve gotten so far into the Word of God,

Especially that portion of scripture which helps us

overcome the temptations of the enemy,

That he doesn’t even want a piece of it. Amen?

But how many knows that he’ll try you anyway?

He knows you’ve got the Word, but He wants to see

if you’ll use it.

Don’t never think that you’re exempt from the

tempting of the enemy.

Don’t ever be blind-sided by one of Satan’s fiery


No matter how strong you are in the Lord don’t

ever let your guard down,

Cause the cords of sin will tie up a strong man.


Satan knows that you’re a born again, bible

believing, child of the Living God,

But he just wants to make sure. Amen?

He prides himself with the ability to lead away the

saints of God with the things of this world,

And though it’s sad, how many knows that he’s

quite often successful?

You say well Pastor I’ve got enough word in me

that I ain’t worried about the enemy.

Well let me ask you a question.

You don’t think Jesus had enough word in Him?

See Satan knew that Jesus had the word, and was

the word made flesh, but he still tried to tempt

Him. Amen?

Jesus wasn’t exempt from temptation,

but He was equipped with the weapon of spiritual


Which is the word of God!

How many knows how to do battle with the


It’s with the word of God. Amen?

Don’t get me wrong we need to be able to put on

the full armor of God.

We need our helmet of salvation,

And our sheild of faith,

And our breastplate of righteousness,

But all of that is part of our armor.

That means all of that is for protection. Amen?

It’s our defense system,

But we don’t engage the enemy with those things.

We don’t engage the enemy with our helmet.

We don’t run head first into battle,

We engage the enemy with prayer,

and the word of God.

As a matter of fact Ephesians says that the Word of

God is our sword,

And that is the weapon of our warfare.

See after Jesus was led by the Spirit into the

wilderness to fast for forty days,

Satan came out to tempt Him. Amen?

And he dared Jesus to make bread from stones,

But Jesus replyed with the word of God.

So Satan engaged Him again only this time he tried

to use the scriptures,

But Jesus knew from years of preparation in the

Word that Satan was distorting the scriptures.

So He countered him again with the Word of God.

Then finally Satan being exposed for what he truly

is, Said Jesus I just want you to bow down and

worship me.

If you’ll do that I’ll give you all the pleasures of this


But Jesus rebuked him again with the word of God

and Satan fled.

Jesus was not only full of the Word,

But He applied the Word to His everyday battles.

I’m glad that each of you are here tonight!

And I’m glad that you’re taking notes,

But my prayer is that you’ll apply this word to your

life. Amen?

My prayer is that you’ll have a sword to swing

when the enemy attacks. Amen?

II. Encouragement For The Battle...

How many knows that temptation is inevitable?

Prepare for it! It’s gonna happen!

But Paul gives us some good news in...

1Co 10:13 He says...There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.

This scripture tells me four things that I beleive we

need to take into consideration.

And this is a sermon in and of it’s self, but I’ll try

not to tarry here too long.

1) There hath no temptation taken you but such as

is common to man...

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