Summary: This sermon and others in the series talks about what priority God’s Kingdom should have in every believer’s life.


“Two Aspects of God’s Forgiveness”

1 John 1:9


- What priority does the Kingdom have? First Matt 6:33

- When is the Kingdom? Now

- Where is the Kingdom? Go to John 17:20-21

- How do you enter the Kingdom of God? God Draws…Undone

- 1 John 1:9 says…(quote)

- Pray

TRANS: We have looked at what priority the Kingdom has, when and where the kingdom is and we will continue to look at how you enter by looking at two aspects of God’s Forgiveness

- Story of two goats found in Leviticus 16

1. Goat for Righteousness

- Every year at the time of the Day of Atonement

- Two goats are to be chosen for a sin offering and they are as perfect as they can be

- Aaron was told to cast lots for the goats…one to be the goat for righteousness

- One goat to be the goat for removal

- You see, God wants to forgive your sin but He has to do it in a righteous manner

- God loves Perry, but the things that Perry had done in his life are unholy

- But God is Holy…and a Holy God wants to have a relationship with an unholy person like Perry

- Now God just can’t wink, and say, “I’ll pretend it’s just not there…”

- What God has to do, is God has to find a way to righteously forgive Perry’s sin

- And to forgive Perry’s sin without violating His own Holiness

- And so the picture is given to us in Leviticus of an atonement being made and a sacrifice being made and a substitute happening…

- This is being done to make the nation of Israel acceptable to God

- So they had a righteous substitute and a removal substitute

- Aaron lays his hands on the head of the first goat that is the righteous substitute

- And he confesses the sins of the nation on the head of the first goat

- The bible says in Rom 6:23, “The wages of sin is death” and so there has to be a death

- And the death is going to be the death of this little goat

- So this little goat is brought out, the sins of the nation put upon it, and then it’s throat is slit, and it’s blood is spilled out

- They take that blood into the holy of holies and in there is the Ark of the Covenant

- Inside is the 10 Commandments that they have not been able to keep

- And above the Ten Commandments is a seat, a judgement seat, where they are going to be judged for their sins…

- For a violation of God’s Word and God’s Commands

- And so it’s a judgement seat but the priest takes the blood from the sacrifice…

- Sprinkles it on the judgement seat and the judgement seat becomes the mercy seat

- God looks upon the blood and passes over our and says your sins have been forgiven but it’s not a forgiveness without the penalty being paid

- And then comes a man named Jesus…Go with me to Isaiah 53

- This was the Old Testament way but Isaiah 53 tells us of a different sacrifice

- We see in this passage that God took our iniquities and He took our sins and in a very real way…

- He laid His hands upon Jesus and spoke over Jesus the sins of mankind

- That’s why when John the Baptist saw Jesus coming, he said “Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world”

- Jesus takes our place…Jesus takes our whipping…Jesus becomes the substitute for us

- Isaiah 53:6 says (read)

- God took my sin and your sin and put them on His own Son Jesus Christ

- Look at verse 10

- Jesus became for us that goat of righteousness, the substitute that died in our place

- He died in our place…He became the sin offering for us

- II Cor 5:21 says, “He who knew no sin became sin for us that we might become the righteousness of God”

- He became smitten of God…God poured out His wrath upon Jesus

- Until it was completely PAID FOR! And at that point Jesus said, “IT IS FINISHED”

- What He was saying is, PAID IN FULL!

- He is the goat that substitutes and make us righteous

- You’ll never be acceptable to God, you can only see that God has made a way through His Son for you to be acceptable

- There is another story I want to share with you from John 3 where we began…it won’tt take long, I just want you to see

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