Summary: Never think you have done enough for God.

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Two Hits From Victory

Text: 2 Kings 13:16-19


• The poet penned the words “the saddest words of tongue or pen are the words what might have been.”

• There are people that live their lives in regret because they never attempted the impossible.

• Don’t spend your life wondering “if only”

• Go the extra mile


• The text tells us that Elisha tells the king to shoot an arrow.

• Then the prophet tells him to smite the ground.

• He hits the ground three times.

• The prophet is angry with the king and says you should have hit it five or six times. Because you hit it only three times there will only be partial victory. If you had hit it more there would have been complete victory.

Support: 2 Kings 4:3

• Famine in the land, creditors coming for all she had.

• The prophet said, go and borrow vessels.

• They went, but at what point did they say this is enough. 25, 50, 100, 1000?

• As many as they would have brought God would have filled.

• He is not a God of enough. He is a God of more than enough.

Ephesians 3:20-21


• At what point do we say o.k. I’ve done enough?

• What price can you put on God saving you?

• That is why I really don’t care what people think about me and my worship.

• Passion Police (church people that try and stop the will of God)


• You may be 2 PRAISE THE LORDS from victory!

• What will be your limit on God tonight?


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