Summary: Types of Shame Used as Controls

Types of Shame Used as Controls

Romans I Pet 4:16

1). Innocent Shame - Shame felt when one’s character is slandered without justification

2). Guilty Shame - Shame felt before others when one violates an ethical norm.

3). Social Shame - Embarrassment felt when one makes a social blunder or error according to a cultural norm

4). Familial Shame - Feeling disgrace because of the behavior of a member of one’s extended family.

5). Handicap Shame - Public humiliation or embarrassment due to a physical imperfection or a bodily impairment that is supposedly related to a spiritual cause.

6). Discrimination Shame - Downgrading of persons treated as one who is mentally, socially, culturally, positionally, historically, or ethnically inferior

7). Modesty Shame - One is has dared to challenge a cultural taboo by ways of dress, behavior, or other appearance norms.

8). Inadequacy Shame - Feelings of inadequacy and inferiority from passivity, repeated failures, or abuse.

9). Public Shame - Open ridicule in the community as punishment or a group means of alienating a deviant.

10). Anticipated Shame - The fear of exposure for an expected or planned action

(Adapted from Noble 1975:4-6)

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