Summary: O my Father, if this cup may not pass away from me, except I drink it, Thy will be done.

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At the last Midnight Oil meeting, we watched Rob Bell as he spoke about a trip he took around the lake with his son. As they walked around the lake, a storm came up, and it started raining and storming. His son started screaming, so he started trying to comfort him. "It’s alright, buddy..." "Daddy knows the way home..." "It’s alright, buddy..."

When it was over, we broke up into groups, and talked about it. Storms in our life...

I couldn’t speak when we broke up into groups, because I was half-way crying, and would have needed several tissues.

As I watched the video, my mind flashed back to September 15th of this past year.

"It’s ok, buddy...", I said to my dog as I held him in the backyard.

God, please let there be a vet (veterinarian) open...

"I know, it hurts really bad..."

Please, God, let a vet be open... If we don’t get him to a vet, he’s going to bleed to death here in my arms...

"It’s going to be ok, buddy..."

There was a vet open in Fairmont. I rode in the bed of the truck with him down the interstate to Fairmont.

"It’s ok, buddy..."

He didn’t really bark or whine after the first couple minutes - he just sat there. I, however, cried for three hours as it happened - especially after he licked my hand in the vet’s office. Then, cried that evening, and then at various times since then.

As he ran through the yard, the cable leash wrapped around his leg... I will spare you the details, but the injury was going to require amputation of his leg. We decided for euthanasia (we had almost decided back at the house), and the vet said that was the most humane thing to do. We got home at 9pm from the vet. Tyson was buried the next day.

A few days later, I came across a song that I had heard before...


Partial lyrics (Promise Keepers):

In this uncertain hour,

I come before You, Lord

My spirit is willing to obey,

But my flesh is weak.

Oh, my Father, if there be any way,

Remove this trial from me,

Nevertheless, not my will,

but Thine be done.

I can do all things,

Through Christ who strengthens me

Christ who delivers me

In my hour of need

it’s Christ who strengthens me

Christ who delivers me

Christ who heals me.


The first time I heard it, I started crying.

Some may wonder where God is during times of trouble, when the world comes crashing down around you...

God is right there beside you. He has His arm around you saying, "It’s all right..." "It’s going to be ok..." "You did everything that you knew to do..."

For we know, that all things work for good for those who believe in God.


Note: There is an email that goes along with this, that is quite emotionally graphic. I won’t post it here, but can send it, if you feel up to reading it.

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