Summary: Jesus calms the winds and the waves by speaking "peace be still", leaving the shipmates in awe of His power.

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Mark 4: 35-41


Book is authored by Mark, also known as John Mark. As the 2nd of the gospel, it is also the shortest and most brief; it gives just factual details of the encounters of Jesus Christ. Mark focuses more on the miracles that were performed.

In the passage of scriptures we find Christ after His parable teachings out on the boat. He had just taught them parables of a sower, as v. 14 states, “ The sower soweth the word”. Those who sow on good ground, and bears the word, bring forth fruit.

It reminds me over the theory, if a tree falls in the forest does anybody hear it? Well if you go out into an empty world, and you stand and proclaim God’s word, can anybody hear it? Its not just about the word that you sow, but the ground you stand on to proclaim. From the mountaintop, the valley, the pulpit, the jail cell, the nursing home, at home, at work, where is it that you sow? V. 23 says “If any man have ears to hear, let him hear.” So Jesus taught unto them to proclaim the word far and near, whether it be 1 or 1000.

So we find Him here after teaching them for the day, in the evening, departing from the shore on their ship. They were going to go from one side of the waters to the other side….the OTHER SIDE. Now I don’t know much, but I know a little bit about waters. Waters are always different in different places. I grew up in Cleveland, right on Lake Erie. However our side of the lake was different in other areas, than where it was in Detroit or Buffalo, and also Canada. I found it unusual as a child that my Dad and his fishing buddies, would load up and drive an hour to PA, just to go fishing in the same lake. I went out to the Jersey Shore a few weeks ago, and it would be safe to say the waters & oceans at the Jersey Shore are different from those on the French Riveria. Beaches in Iceland are a contrast to those of Bermuda.

One destination has a distinct uniquenesss than the other, yet they share the same waters. It doesn’t just instantaneously change, there’s some transitions between that goes on.

Just as in our lives, we are on one side but to reaching to get to the OTHER SIDE, it’s not going to be just a quick direct trip. There’s going to be some turbulence sometimes. Storms will come about in reaching our God given destination. The winds and currents sometimes blow us off track. The enemy will work to steer you off course. Haters will try and send you the wrong direction. I want to let you know God’s got a blessing on the other side, if you just hold your peace, let the Lord fight your battles. VICTORY…shall be mine!

So as now they are in their ships, and preparing to head over to the other side. So as they made their journey across to the other side V. 37 says “a great storm of wind beat into the ship”. So much as the water came and filled this ship up. Wind storms blew the water so high it came over in the boat.

Understand something, we don’t get them here, but windstorms are considered to be very dangerous. Wind storms are the 2nd highest cause of global catastrophes, only behind hurricanes. There was a Wind Storm just this year, hit in Portugal, Spain, and France, with winds at 142 mph.

Now realize this ship wasn’t the Royal Carribean, or one of the fishing boats from Deadliest Catch, where the water runs through grooves and back out into the water. V. 36 says “little ships”. So imagine the gale force of the winds.

So as the water came into the boat, they began to worry. So they thought, on one hand we have on this boat, the Son of God..if we have Him, we should be OK and nothing SHOULD happen to us…as God will take care of His own, Amen? But as the storm continued, doubt and fear began to creep up. Its as if “yes”, we know God is God and He can do anything. But when moments come when our backs are up against the wall, we panic because God is not moving quickly enough for us. It’s like…

• “I’ve had enough of this, I need to get out of this mess of a situation”.

• I’m tired of this job, they get on my nerves every day. And they won’t give me a raise.

• I’m sick of this car, every time you look around, something else is breaking down on it.

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