Summary: Jesus said know those who labor among you. Know no man after the flesh but by the spirit.

Be strong in the word of God in you by having a carryout attitude. When it is time to rebuke the devil, you should always say “The Lord rebuke you Satan,” because it might be an undercover Elder in the Lord. The Holy Ghost, which works in mysterious ways, is a teacher in his people. Have an ear to hear what the spirit of the Lord is saying, and do not ever forget this cathedra.

To be on the safe side with God is to be careful for nothing.

Nothing from nothing leaves anything, if you do not have active knowledge of God; you have a right to perish. Without the fear of God in your heart, you want be careful in the rigging of your life together. Although, you might be setting and assembling up the materials the right way, but without wisdom your body is hanging over the barrier. And if you fall, you have to know that we all fall short of the glory of God. There is a saying that says, “Only the strong will survive.” This might be suitable both in your mind and in the restaurant you eat out of, but Jesus said “you must be born again.

There is one thing that we must do before leaving this world – we must to be born again. No matter how suitable your life becomes before men, you do not owe anyone anything but love spiritually, because God is love. I fall short of love; and you fall short of love, no matter how much rigging we have done to get where we are today; everything is filled with what has already been said in the word of God. Some people who recognized earlier than others in their life made the right choice with the gift that they have.

And we learn a lot from people already on the winning team, because they knew what staying focus was all about in the ball game. The truth is that we must prepare ourselves before leaving this world the way God says for us to do it. The way to do it is keep believing on the Lord Jesus Christ, and staying in a steadfast position. If it means getting alone sometime, you got to do it. Walking alone helps your relationship with God. That is what it is all about!

If we are found in the wrong position, we are going to meet Mr. Terrible the wrong way. Be steadfast unmovable and always abounding in the work of the Lord. Believing on the Lord Jesus Christ takes work / practice.

If you do not have works, which is evidence that you love God. We need works like speaking in tongues is evidence that we have been born of his spirit. We have to get things in our life in order. Our responsibility as the people of God is to seek the Lord like he told us too. Waiting and tarrying and calling on the name of Jesus are the main strengths of the faith of Jesus Christ in this world, but not of this world. Most churches today have strength, but they do not have the main strengths of the faith of Jesus Christ.

Because churches have disappeared from seeking the Lord to compromising the word of the Lord to making friends with the unrighteous mammon, it is wise to make friends with the unrighteous mammon if you are fortunate to do so.

People are saying leave the street life out the church, but they rely on the bullyboys and strong-arm menus that can get unruly people beat down instead of prayed for. If you will, I want you to look with me at (ICorinthians 13:1). The sounding brasses in this sermon are people who are gifted with a worldly conversation, the tongues of men. People like this are gifted to be energetic and enthusiastic among men. They have a gift to talk. The average person who appears to be weak in this world is not able to bruise these kinds of people talking out of carnality.

Most of these people are moderator’s and are like birth control pills; they have the ingredients to prevent those who want to succeed in the Lord from getting a hold to the better life in Christ Jesus with their mouth. These people love the Lord partially; and they bring the wasteland along. Many people have been wounded and left the church, because they never took time to put on the whole amour of God “One leaven not only leavens the whole lump but also has another side. Waste is known for tarring down the body; and love is known for building up the body.

Do not always share what the Lord is doing for you to others. I warn you; “do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.” I leave this thought not only because I read it in the word of God but also from experience. With me, I want you to read (I Corinthians 13: 2-10) seeing the end to the beginning is having experience with the Holy Ghost. Only that, which is perfect in the believer by the spirit of God, is what keeps us from being partial with others.

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