Summary: The lord really cares about us but he let us do what we want to do; he can stop us if he want's tooo

A professional Hunter (PH) is a title bestowed on men and women that have organized hunting expeditions all over the world. It’s a tradition that can be traced back almost a century to Theodore Roosevelt’s Professional Hunter on his famous safari of 1909 – 1910. Esau as a cunning hunter a man of the field wants to know it deep when it comes down to a hunter, but Jacob was a plain man dwelling in tents. There’s a special honor giving to the oldest son Esau by his father, as he grows older the things that interested his father interested Esau. His father loved to hunt dear both were able to share feelings and emotions but Esau never learned how to stand up for himself. He denied himself from the things that he wanted to do, and did the things his father wanted him to do and it pleased his father. In the world, we live in today the sharing of emotions is a sign of weakness. I believe Rebekah is a little bit jealous in her heart because of this. Esau has the spirit of his father over the house syndrome; God wants us to honor our father and mother, as a father we got to be careful for nothing when a father places too much of his responsibility on the oldest son; it can cause a dysfunctional relationship between the mother and son. I believe this is what happened unconsciously in the heart of Rebekah she loved Jacob so much more. We got to learn how to stick to the word with our heart; God has no respect of person’s. From the Garden of Eden, sin was already in the world, being careful to interpret God’s word with his love, joy, peace, happiness, temperance, and all the rest of the fruit of the spirit is important. There is none good but one; God showed Isaac what happens when he is not careful for nothing and the word of God tells us to be careful, be careful what you tell a person in front of others. At times, we got to study to be quite about a personal matter, I’ve seen with my own eyes why this is so important. Every word we say out our mouth; we shall be held accountable for it by God. God tells us do not let your right hand know what your left hand do Pray for the meddler because charity begins at home and spread abroad. This is how information about other’s get circulating around the church, and pastors should not discuss personal information, about individuals in the church without permission but they sometime do it anyway. God tells us in his word not to trust in the arms of flesh. Rebekah is always listening, and she uses what she hears against her oldest son. We are not as careful as we should be; when we think we are; God shows us by his word the truth and how we all fall short of it. My daughter is 4 years old, after crawling underneath the dining room table to get her crayon; she stood up and bumped her head, and started crying. I ask her what was wrong with her; she said I bump my head daddy. I told her to be careful, and she walked away. About a week later, she bumped her head again. When we don’t meditate on God’s word; we do things that God says in his word not to do – not that we do it intentionally but Satan is there and on his job going too and forth seeking who he may devour. He’ll steal the word of God out the heart of a believer if they are not careful. I know there are believers out there that are tired of the devil stealing the word out of their heart. Maybe you’re not giving God the glory with the fruit of your lips, say good things about bad situations; everybody gone fall short in this area when we don’t give God the fruit of our lips. All the wrong that we say out the mouth will catch up with us some day. God says the seed you sow is the seed you’re going to reap. All the sin in the world is finally catching up with those who are of the word take heed and come out the world all the sin that is in the world thank God he made away for us to escape eternal damnation through Jesus Christ. We must keep the word of God, above all other standards; Jesus says I am the way, and the world which we live in has itching ears, if it sounds good most people believe it. Eve proved to test this element in the Garden O Eden when she ate from the forbidden tree that God told them not too. We like what looks good and sound good but that don’t mean it’s good. God tells us to not judge according to appearance and study to show oneself approved unto God, when we do it this way - I’ll work proves that we have his faith Jesus. How does a person know when he or she has his faith? People that have ignored you most of your life, now they work entrapment against you all because of what someone what’s to do to you to destroy you or your faith, or how well others bear down on false witness against you but really it’s Jesus who they hate in me. God says, they that live Godly in Christ Jesus must suffer persecution. Don’t look down on Esau because he was hungry, and he sold his birth right to Jacob. “What did the disciples do when they were hungry? They went into the house of God to eat the show bread which was not lawful for them to eat but for the priest only” The law of sin and death will apprehend you and take you to jail if you do things like that today. It’s sad for many churches today, and tears fall from those that are wounded. How the law of sin and death thinks there doing God service by patrolling the church. I thought church was a place where you go to learn how to live to stay as far as you can from the law of sin and death. God ordained the law of sin and death, and he told us to obey the laws of the land. God knows that our heart is desperately wicked in touch with the rulers of darkness; he wants to circumcise our heart by the knowledge about him but that’s not enough. Circumcision only lightens the load that we carry around; we are able to be more sincere when we talk to the lord; we have a conscious. Without one, I don’t think we are able to feel what God feels about us; his love is so wonderful. There are two nations with authority the law of the spirit and the law of sin and death; there will always be enmity between them because of what Jesus did. Jesus has all power, and it has been given to him to give it to all that seek him and find him. Make it apart of your life to seek the lord because he’s the one that you need to find; time is running out the clock keeps on ticking its right or wrong if it’s wrong make sure you set it. One day the weak are going to be strong and the strong are going to be weak. The word of God says the first shall be last and the last shall be first. I believe the elder brothers of this world have fallen from grace, but that don’t mean if Saint’s have the goods of this world and see his brother in need, and close down the bowels of compassion, how dwelled in you the love of God. People are despising their birth right things seem so good without the lord but you gone get tired of it and die unless you turn to Jesus, because God has made us that way. True happiness comes from the lord who made the heaven and the earth. When you see a neighbor and they are lost and hungry for righteousness don’t give them a stone then turn your back. God loves backstabbers and haters of mankind, give them his love Jesus there are some people that have sold out to the world what if they sold out to God. This is why we got to be careful. Make sure you’re selling out to the right spirit, and we need to think like Jesus. I believe the story of Esau and Jacob was created by God to let us know. Why it is so important to follow the lord all the days of our life because what we plan to do with it may not be what God allow. Jesus goes out his way for one of his littlies that trust in him with their whole heart, and if we trust him.

Don’t be in the rush to do anything

Jacob and Esau made history learn from them

Be careful who you trust unless it’s Jesus

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