Summary: You can go to church and still be deaf! Your ears sure need a touch of God, so that the Gospel permeates into the mind and heart.

Uncircumcised ears!

Acts 7:51 "You stiff-necked people, uncircumcised in heart and ears, you always resist the Holy Spirit. As your fathers did, so do you.”

The people were not ready to hear the voice of Stephen, they tightly shut their ears! Uncircumcised ears! If both the ears are plugged with headsets and blasting with hard music, how could one hear the voice of God? I was ministering to a young girl while staying in her home, she would nonchalantly listen to my advices but tightly plug her ears with the headset and listen to movie songs the whole day, starting from the wee hours of the day when she goes for her morning walk. I was pained to see her resist the voice of God! Alas! After a few months she was married and I saw her life shatter within few days of marriage because of her brutal husband. Uncircumcised ears lead you to disaster! I was told she is now seeking God!

An elderly man came to visit my home, who resists the Gospel, I tried playing good Christian songs for him, in order to reach out to Him but I was shocked when I found him with the newspapers wide opened and reading it loudly. How callous! He was trying to drown the music with his loud voice. This is what you call as uncircumcised ears!

Now, there are people who would say ‘Amen’ loudly when you preach but believe me, nothing has gone inside. I know of a man who would fall on the ground and worship while entering the church and very enthusiastically shout during the worship but the moment he steps out of the church, he would visit his girl friend behind his wife’s back. Uncircumcised, wicked ears! You can go to church and still be deaf! Your ears sure need a touch of God, so that the Gospel permeates into the mind and heart. Imagine God speaking to young Samuel while He bypassed the High Priest Eli who knows to identify the voice of God; yet, he failed to obey His voice and hence God stopped talking to Eli and He started talking to Samuel. When you say ‘no’, God would look and find someone who would say ‘yes!’ Are you hearing me?

Back while working, I was able to sharply identify voices and answer people with their names which awed everyone – even after several years. I was one-up on that! Alas! I did not know the voice of my Redeemer, my Savior, my Creator and my Father; but God by His grace, chose to open my ears and circumcise them by taking me through series of pain, suffering, illness, failure, humiliation and rejection. Now, I wake up in the wee hours of the day to hear His voice! I start the day wishing my Jesus ‘good morning’!

Today, as I write this message, I woke up at 3.30 am and prayed for an hour, during this time of communion with God, I heard Him speak with me and give me a ‘clear, pristine, direction’ for a problem I have been praying about.

Whatever hopeless situation you may be in right now, His voice will trump all negativity away from your life! Husssssssssssh! Fear not! Be still! He will lead you beside still waters! (Psalm 23:2)

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