Summary: All worship should flow from a heart that realizes the uniqueness of God's salvation to each individual.

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Introduction: This morning our Lord received an invitation to the house of a Pharisee named Simon. Close scrutiny of the text revealed that Simon and the other religion folk sought to examine Jesus. But instead, Simon became the patient with an ego virus. A sinful woman of the city, displayed the characteristics that were missing in Simon's life. She worshiped the Lord with a heart that understood the immeasurable debt that she owed the Lord. She was keenly aware that God's forgiveness was her greatest need. Simon then questioned the authenticity of Jesus' divinity. Although, he did it subjectively; Jesus knew the thoughts of men. To that end, Jesus told a parable concerning two debtors:

The parable reminds us of at least 3 things:

1. All men are debtors.

2. No man can repay his debts to God.

3. The debts can only be paid through the grace of our Lord.

4. Such commonality places all men on equal footing.

The 4 characters in the text:

1. Ritualistic Pharisee

2. Religious Pryers

3. Repentant Prostitute

4. Righteous Priest

The pryers could not understand Jesus accepting such an uncommon worship from an uncommon worshiper.

What made her worship uncommon?

I. Courageous Worship

II. Costly Worship

III. Carefree Worship

IV. Cautious Worship

V. Cringing Worship

VI. Captivating Worship

VII. Conscientious Worship

VIII. Culminating Worship

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