Summary: The Word Mysteryis found 22x in the NT This message uncovers the greatest mystery of all

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Uncovering Mysteries

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- Mysteries captivate us. We Love to dig into a good mystery story

+Top Crime-Solvers:

>- A favorite programs on television is Unsolved Mysteries, Hosted by Robert Stack, the series features re-enactments of stories in which viewers participate to help solve cases.

- If you go to the Internet, you find that through that viewers have helped law enforcement officials apprehend approximately 40% of the fugitives profiled on the series since its premiere.

- In addition, the show has been responsible for 93 reunions and has solved nearly 300 cases to date


> Sherlock Holmes - Fictional London Detective by A. C onan Doyle X

> Hardy Boys & Nancy Drew Came out in 1927 - Over 200 vol.& 200 million sold world X

> Charlie Chan- Chinese-Hawaiian detective has 6 novels X

> Alfred Hitchcock - Master of Suspense British film director X

> Monk on USA - an obsessive-compulsive detective with phobias X

> Agatha Christie - Worlds most popular mystery writer 1920-1970 billion books X

> There is a Online mysteries, mystery games, mystery books and resources. For everyone who enjoys a mystery...

Take a break...2-5 minute mini-mysteries

Solve-it Mysteries, Get-a-Clue! daily - "Three Non-Burglaries "

Solve-it monthly - "The Bloody Elevator"

See-n-Solve monthly - "Amy and the Five-Cent Blue"

Mystery Stories with a monthly twist - "Playing with Murder"

Reason - we like to solve mysteries but don’t like mysteries that we cannot solve.

+ Mystery & the Bible

>- Mystery is found only in NT

>-22x singular 27x plural in the Bible

>- Dictionary - "a truth known only through faith or revelation and incomprehensible to the human reason."

+ Christ a Mystery

> - Col 1:26-27 Hid until he came

>- OT Jews looking for a Messiah, Savior, King

>- Now made know to those who believe – Col 2:2

- Philip Yancey’s book The Jesus I Never Knew (1995,p.188) picked up on this, and he noted, of the many biographies he had read,

“few devote more than ten percent of their pages to the subject’s death – including biographies of men like Martin Luther King Jr. and Mohandas Gandhi, who died violent and politically significant deaths. The Gospels, though, devote nearly a third of their length to the climatic last week of Jesus’ life. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John saw death as the central mystery of Jesus.”

>- Jesus - Definition Lk 8:9-11 parable of the

sower of the seed. - meaning of the parable. v.11

- Jesus said, "unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God; but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parable’s."

- Notice ’unto you it is given, to know the mystery’

>- To understand a Bible mystery, it is given to us

by the Lord.

+ Some Mysteries Solved

> 1. The Mystery of His Will

> Made known unto us - Eph 1:9

> 2. The Mystery of the Church

> Understood through the relationship of marriage

- Eph. 5:32

+ 3. Mystery of Death

> I Cor. 15:51 We are going to be changed

> 4. Mystery of the Gospel

> Eph 6:19 - NEWS - Sin’s wages are paid

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