Summary: Straightforward discussion of consequences of backsliding and what it takes to fully recover from backsliding state

Every genuine Christian hates backsliding. The mere mentioning of the word should fill a good believer with holy anger and grave watchfulness.

1. Result of Backsliding

(a) Captivity and demonic oppression. Judges 4:1-3, 6: 1-6

When there is backsliding, God stops defending the backsliding and he becomes an easy prey for the enemy. The man who has been binding the devil before automatically enters into bondage.

(b) Loss of divine provision: Luke 15: 13 – 16. When the prodigal son moved far from the father, he entered into a season of “want”

Provision is only sure when God is your shepherd.

(c) Unanswered Prayers: I Sam. 28:6, Ps. 66:18, Prov 1:24, 28. When you begin to forsake the Lord, heaven is not obliged to hearken to your voice.

(d) Selfishness: Prov 14:14. A backslider will no longer be concerned with the things of God or fellow brethren. He regards his life first and all other things are secondary.

(e) Unfitness for the Kingdom of God. Luke 9:52, Rev. 3:16, Ex. 32: 33 Heb. 10:26-29. No backslider has right to eternal life; he has forfeited his heavenly inheritance and is lost forever. The door of mercy is closed and the kindness of the Almighty is kept at bay.

(f) Loss of Spiritual Power

(g) Loss of inner peace

(h) Loss of joy of salvation. Psalm 51:8, 12


The cross of Calvary is not only for salvation, it is also for restoration. The Like’s account of the prodigal son reveals the basic steps a backslider must take in order to get back home.

1. Realization (Luke 15: 17). The backsliding must recognize his spiritual state. Without realization there is no recovery.

2. Resolution: (Luke 15: 18). There is the need to make a concrete decision to go back.

3. Repentance: The backsliding must confess to God and be sorrowful for his sins (v. 18) Hosea 14: 1-2

4. Renunciation: With the words of mouth, sins must be disowned. Luke 15: 18 – 21

5. Reception: Christ must be received again like a small baby. John 1:12

The promise of God to backsliders remain: Jer. 3: 22, Hosea 14:4

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Siyi Malinki

commented on Jun 17, 2017

This has given me a great insight. Haven't really gone this deep with backsliding. This is so helpful. Thanks

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