3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: What is the importance of a mission statement and how do we apply it to our mission.

I have been in a reflective mood since seeing the doctor two weeks ago. He spoke to me concerning lifestyle changes I would need to make to ensure my health and longevity. I thought about change in relationship to the church, here at Ione Assembly, and I want to speak on this today, the changes that have taken place since I have been here and my heart for this church, for it has been said the heart of the leader determines the heart of the organization.

This year I introduced the mission statement of the church, We ought to be active disciples of Christ by attracting and leading the unsaved to Jesus. Encouraging uncommitted carnal Christians to consecrate themselves to God’s plan for their lives, providing a climate for spiritual growth that equips Spirit filled believers to worship and a dynamic ministry serving the Ione area and beyond. I am committed to the principles of this statement.

I believe that change, proper change, brings the church into a higher level. Isaiah 55:6-9 states (READ)

We need to have a heart check, to see if we are attaining that higher level, if we are meeting the challenge of this day. It is my desire to position us all to reach our highest potential in Christ, to exhibit in my own life, and to call each one of you, as team members, to give your highest level of commitment for the kingdom of God.

In fact, I want to challenge us to step to a higher level in 1998 and in doing so we will experience a greater degree of understanding and blessing from God. I want to see the greatness of God across each of your faces, to see you achieve in Christ the calling He has given you, utilizing the spiritual gifts which He has poured out into you in a way surpassing your wildest imagination.

There are values which have been part of my life which I want to share with you so you can make them part of yours, there are several things I believe which are not open to compromise.

1. I believe in Personal Growth. When we look at most people, we see people who are going through life, I want to be a person who grows through life. How about you?

To accomplish this I need to acknowledge that growth is a daily thing. I need to grow in a new dimension each day. As we enter this Christmas season, the question is heard, what am I getting? It becomes a life question, What am I getting, but it is the wrong question, for the most important question we can ask is what am I becoming. Part of personal growth is having right motives for growth.

You see, when you become concerned about what you are becoming, you don’t want to take shortcuts for shortcuts short-circuit personal growth. What taste better, a steak cooked on a barbecue or one cooked in a microwave? Nancy Dornan said, The longest distance between two points is a shortcut.

When you are experiencing personal growth in your life, it will lead to growth in other areas as well, and as people see the growth in your life, it will encourage them to grow as well. The Lord said his ways are not our ways, so does that mean we give up? No we get on track and rise to a higher level, the Lord’s level, Amen.

2. I believe in making a significant contribution with my life. To be successful. John Maxwell describes success in his book The Success Journey as knowing my purpose in life, growing to my maximum potential, and sowing seeds that benefit others.

That means: getting beyond yourself

growing beyond yourself

giving beyond yourself

gathering beyond yourself

and going beyond yourself

It has been said, The great men and women of history were not great because of what they owned or earned, but rather for what they gave their lives to accomplish.

3. I believe in living and working with passion. One person with passion is greater than 99 who have only an interest. Passion is putting everything you’ve got into everything you do. I have a passion for the Lord, and I believe that passion enables me to accomplish things that a mere desire to see done would be left unfinished. I have a passion to see what is yet to be seen. This alter is part of a passion I have for prayer, we have a place to kneel and seek the Lord, and my passion for souls. I was told by people in daycare who are not serving Christ, that our church now looks like a church. The perception of non-Christians will help them to make the next step, salvation, and we have a seeker sensitive alter to bring them to the Cross.

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