Summary: Encouragement for workers in GOD'S Kingdom

Many have tossed and turned, prayed and fasted and consulted men of GOD with the intention of finding out whether they are called or not.

It is well understood that no person comes into this world without the knowledge and plan of GOD and outside HIS purpose. Not even the vilest person. We then can clearly conclude that for HIS children , The MOST HIGH does have a grand plan. This plan sometimes may look small and even go unnoticed by many. Think about the people who facilitated Joseph, the husband of Mary to get a donkey to ride to Bethlehem. Many small acts contribute to the grander stories we know about. There are always those playing a background role somewhere.

A simple act of kindness can transform the world and change history. The story of Alexander Fleming is one such story. He came from a poor family and a nobleman paid for his education. There is no indication that GOD came in a dream and told the noble man to educate Alexander Fleming. The noble man just saw it fit to do and did it. In time and in the course of events, the son of this nobleman and indeed the world over benefit from the penicillin he worked on.

Beloved, GOD , can use you in the simplest and non descript way as well as in a large and flamboyant manner. Trust HIM. Let HIM be GOD in all.

Beloved, GOD knows where you are . HE sees your work and input no matter how insignificant you and others may see it and HE has promised to reward you. We know that GOD is faithful and keeps HIS word. HE will guide and help you. HE may choose to advertise or not advertise you. Your part is be faithful and do your part beyond the best of your ability with HIS help, yes, constantly ask for HIS help.

The following questions can help you decipher the puzzle of whether you are called.

TEST to know if you are called:

Are you alive?

Are you searching for YAHWEH?

Are you reading this ?

Are you surrounded by people or other forms of creation?

Do you feel overwhelmed by life and its circumstances both yours and of others?

If your answer to any of the above is YES, then you are definitely called to serve.

May YAHWEH ELSHADDAI guide and direct your path for HIS glory, in The NAME of YAHSHUA . AMEN

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