Summary: Encouragement for Kingdom workers

Why are you called?

As mentioned earlier we are called for the following reasons:-

For the glory of YAHWEH. All things were made for HIM and for HIS glory.

For the service of mankind as directed by YAHWEH

As stated earlier, service for YAHWEH is superior to service for man. For best results seek YAHWEH’s opinion or as others will say, ‘Seek the face of YAHWEH’.

For yourself according to the purpose for which you were created.

A person, including you will not be satisfied until they achieve the purpose YAHWEH set for them. That is why it is common knowledge that the things of the earth do not satisfy. Being with YAHWEH and in HIS plan has been proven as the only satisfactory place for any person regardless of the circumstances. As someone put it; there is a YAHWEH shaped hole in each one of us. Only YAHWEH can satisfy and fill our innermost desire.

At this point, it must be stated that some set aside the call of YAHWEH, out rightly disobey YAHWEH, procrastinate and allow the enemy to so complicate their position and lives that it requires virtually a miracle for that person to come out of the pit created and serve YAHWEH.

An illustration of this is JUDAS Iscariot who aware of his nature, kept on stealing from the ministry and never really surrendered to YAHWEH. At the last supper, he saw nothing wrong in betraying YAHSHUA all the while knowing that YAHSHUA knew what he was up to. He still went on, nudged by his past and the choices he made and met his end and his title ‘the son of perdition.’

Other examples of those who steadily walked down the path of destruction are Solomon and Samson. It can hardly be said that they did not know what they were doing. They had ample warnings and both had advisors but the two chose little steps towards evil and destruction and soon those little steps became destruction.

That is why it is important to obey and serve YAHWEH in small things. The Bible admonishes us not to despise the days of humble beginnings. This does not only apply to business and children as Kenyans like to make it seem. It applies also to service.

Where and when are you called to serve?

A person is called to serve now.

An adage states that procrastination is the thief of time. The Bible states that ‘Now is the time of salvation. ‘Another adage states that tomorrow, tomorrow never comes. The time to serve is now. The time to inquire from YAHWEH about that service is now.

As regards where to serve you serve where you are:

In your home. The home has been described as the first school. The home should be characterized by service by the people who live there. The instructions for this love and submission, respect, honor are spelt out in the bible. Failure to do this stops or hinders successful service outside the home.

Unfortunately nowadays, you find both husbands and wives wanting to be served. No one wants to humble and serve the other. The children do not want to serve their parents. Some parents do not want to serve their children. They see child bearing and rearing as hard work, time consuming and would rather leave it to the teachers, nannies, the media or whoever else may be available. Little wonder we are where we are as  a society. The statement” Kwani mi ni maid wako?” has become quite common. The maid also will serve conditionally and if her conditions are not met she abandons the family in dire straits or repays them with untold evils.

The remedy for this is if you are reading this book, do your part as specified in the bible and try to cover your spouse and family. This may very well be your due service to YAHWEH. YAHWEH will make a way where there seems to be no way. Look at the story of Abigail and Nabal, the story of Judah and Tamar .See how YAHWEH worked even the most terrible circumstances for HIS glory.

2. In your environment

Whatever environment we find ourselves in is an opportunity for service with exalting YAHWEH as the target. The bible, stories of the saints passed by, tells us that in every circumstance there is an opportunity to glorify YAHWEH. As the saying goes “ Every cloud has a silver lining”. Remember that all things work together for good of those who love YAHWEH and who are called according to HIS purpose.

YAHWEH can change one’s environment as HE sees fit according to HIS will and purpose. One day you can be in Tetu, the next day ministering in Switzerland after all the earth and the fullness thereof are YAHWEH’S.

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